Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu

Embassy Suites is known for the chain of all-suite hotels. According to the 2024 reports, there are about 263 embassy suites locations in the United States. They are present within the 43 states and territories of the United States. Moreover, they are covering about 205 cities. Of most of its locations, 31 are located in Texas. 

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Embassy Suites is a hotel and restaurant. All of the embassy suites have two rooms for a guest that include separate sleeping & living areas. Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu also offers complimentary breakfast to guests as well. Most of the embassy suite locations are offering nutritious and healthy breakfast options.

Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu With Prices

Embassy Suites Breakfast Menu With Prices

Main Breakfast

Item’s Name Price
Breakfast Buffet (Free For Our Hotel Guest Only)$15
All American BreakfastSautéed potatoes2 Eggs (fried, scrambled, or boiled) 2 slices of toastJuice, tea, or coffee2 slices (Ham, Bacon or Sausage) Fresh seasonal fruits$5 
French toast (3 slices)$6
All American BreakfastSautéed potatoes2 Eggs (fried, scrambled, or boiled) 2 slices of toastJuice, tea, or coffee2 slices (Ham, Bacon, or Sausage) Fresh seasonal fruits$12

Omelets (served w/toast)

Item’s NamePrice 
Vegetable Omelets$8 
Embassy Omelet$12
Cheese Omelet$6
Mediterranean Omelet$10

Breakfast Sandwiches (served w/sautéed potatoes)

Item’s Name Price 
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich$8
Steak Egg wrap$15
Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich$10
Chicken Egg wrap$12
Sausage & Egg wrap$10

Embassy Suites Breakfast Hours

All of the breakfast items are served between  7 am to 10 am daily. It’s the same time for serving breakfast to all the people. You can order these breakfast items any time between these breakfast hours. 

Does Embassy Suites Offer Breakfast After Breakfast Hours?

No, they are serving their breakfasts during specific hours. After breakfast hours you can’t get these breakfast options till the next morning. The embassy suites also may or may not offer breakfasts on holidays depending on the locations. Majorly they are serving complimentary breakfast to their guests.  

How To Order Embassy Suites Breakfast?

When you are staying at the embassy Suites you can eat your breakfasts daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Meanwhile, during this duration, embassy suite guests can order and take their breakfasts. 

Cheapest & Expensive Breakfast Items At Embassy Suites 

Following are the cheapest and the most expensive breakfast Items at embassy suites: 

  • Cheapest Breakfast Items At Embassy Suites 

The cheapest breakfast item at embassy suites is Pancake (2 large cakes topped with syrup). It costs only $5. It’s known as one of the delicious cakes that is filled with syrup toppings. 

  • Expensive Breakfast Items At Embassy Suites 

The most expensive breakfast item at the embassy suites is their Breakfast Buffet. This breakfast buffet costs about $15. The buffet contains a lot of breakfast options. However, this breakfast buffet is Free For the Hotel Guest Only.

Does Embassy Suites Offer Customizable Breakfast?

At embassy suites, you can also get customized breakfast options for some items. Most of these customizations will require additional charges. The main customization available at embassy suites are as follows;

For Omelets  

  • Add meats for $2
  • Add cheese or any vegetable for $1
  • Made-to-order omelets

For Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Add meat for $2
  • Add cheese or any vegetable for $1

Is Embassy Suites Breakfast Healthy?

Embassy Suites offers healthy breakfast options for their nutritious-conscious guests. They offer sandwiches and other healthy breakfast items that are prepared to give you the best-balanced diet experience at embassy suites. These include the best options of buffet that contains all the offers and options that are specifically made within a healthy calorie range. 


All of the above prices are shared here according to the updated price lists for 2024. These prices are taken from the official website of the embassy suites. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does Complimentary Breakfast Mean?

The complimentary breakfast means that it’s a free breakfast. Whenever you are booking a hotel and there’s the option of complimentary breakfast it means that this breakfast is given to you at the price of your room booking. 

Q. Does Embassy Suites Have Free Breakfast?

The free breakfast is not guaranteed at all the locations of the embassy suites. Their prices also vary from location to location. It’s important to check for the free breakfast option before booking embassy suites by Hilton. 

Q. Does Embassy Suites Offer Free Drinks?

For their guests, they are offering 2 complimentary drinks daily. They offer various types of drinks for this purpose and some drinks will cost you as well. 

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