Sausage Biscuit Price & Nutrition

Sausage Biscuit


  • Sausage Patty 
  • Biscuit Bread 
  • Slated Butter

Price is $4.79

Nutritional Chart

Calories 460    

NutrientsPer Portion Percentage Daily Value (%DV)
Total Fat 30g38
Total Crabs 37g13
Saturated Fat 13g66
Trans Fat 0g0
Dietary Fat 2g6
Total Sugar 2g0
Added Sugar 1g2
Protein 11g0
Calcium 70mg6
Sodium 1090mg48
Potassium 200mg4
Vitamin D0mcg2
Nutritional Chart

Allergen Ingredients:

  • Wheat 
  • Milk 
  • Soy


Q. Does McDonald’s serve sausage biscuits?

Yes. McDonald’s serves sausage biscuits which is an extremely delicious breakfast sandwich that makes your morning. 

Q. Are McDonald’s sausage biscuits healthy?

Sausage biscuit belongs to the fast food breakfast category but they contain 460 calories per serving which is good for health. 

Q. Is McDonald’s sausage biscuit beef?

McDonald’s serves every kind of food item to their worldwide customers according to their region and location. 

Q. How long does a McDonald’s sausage biscuit last?

3-4 Days.

You can refrigerate sausage biscuits for up to three to four days in a container with a sealed plastic sheet. 

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