Taco Cabana Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Restaurant: Taco Cabana

According to the 2024 reports, Taco Cabana is operating 151 locations throughout Texas and New Mexico. These are highly known for their pink color scheme logo. They are known for serving Tex-Mex cuisine

Taco Cabana Breakfast Menu

You can order breakfast from a variety of freshly prepared breakfast categories. Taco Cabana Breakfast Menu offer breakfast platters, burritos, plates, bowls, taco Boxes, and other delicious and hygienically prepared options at reliable prices. 

Taco Cabana Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Taco Cabana Breakfast Menu With Prices

Most Ordered

Items NamePrice
Large Chips & Queso$6.19
Chicken Flautas – 6 Pack$12.19
Cabana Bowl® with Crispy Shell$8.69
Steak Fajita Quesadillas$9.49
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – Your Way$28.59
Chicken Fajita Quesadillas$8.49
Small Chips & Queso$3.79
Chicken Flautas – 3 Pack$6.19
Large Sopapillas$3.39
Ground Beef Nachos$9.09
Breakfast Burrito$2.99
Steak Fajita Nachos$10.09


Items NamePrice
Bacon & Egg Taco$3.39
Breakfast Burrito$2.99
Bean & Cheese Taco$2.29
Chorizo & Egg Taco$2.39
Potato & Egg Taco$2.29
Sausage and Egg Taco$2.99
Steak & Egg Taco$4.89
Choose Your Breakfast Taco Combo$3.49
Steak Fajita & Egg Taco Combo$8.09
Chorizo & Bean Taco$2.29
Bacon & Egg Taco Combo$6.89
Potato & Bacon Taco$2.39
Chorizo & Potato Taco$2.39
Chorizo & Eggs Taco Combo$5.89
Bean & Bacon Taco$2.39
Bean & Cheese Taco Combo$5.49
Potato & Egg Taco Combo$5.89

Breakfast Plates

Item’s NamePrice
Steak Fajita and Egg Plate$8.69
Mexicana Plate$8.19
Ranchero Plate$8.19

Breakfast Bowls

Items NamePrice
Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl$6.19
Breakfast Cabana Bowl with Egg$6.19
Sausage & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl$6.19

Taco Boxes

Item’s NamePrice
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – Your Way$28.59
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – TC’s Way$24.79
Dozen Bean & Cheese Taco Box$23.59
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – Chorizo & Egg$28.59
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – Potato & Egg$28.59
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – Steak & Egg$53.39
Dozen Breakfast Taco Box – Bacon & Egg$28.59


Item’s NamePrice
Steak Fajita Quesadillas$9.49
Chicken Fajita Quesadillas$8.49
Cheese Quesadillas$6.89


Items NamePrice
Ground Beef Nachos$9.09
Steak Fajita Nachos$10.09
Steak Fajita Kickin’ Grande Nachos$16.39
Chicken Fajita Nachos$9.69
Chicken Fajita Kickin’ Grande Nachos$15.19
Bean & Cheese Nachos$6.19
Ground Beef Kickin’ Grande Nachos$13.89


Item’s NamePrice
Orange Juice$3.09
Bottled Water$2.09

Taco Cabana Breakfast Hours 

  • Taco Cabana is serving their breakfast from 6:00 am to 11:00 am. You can order breakfast anytime between these hours, from Monday to Sunday. 
  • On weekends, they offer breakfast from 6:30 am, which ends at 1 pm. 

How To Order Breakfast From Taco Cabana? 

You can place your breakfast order easily through the Taco Cabana by following these ways. 

  • You can order breakfast using the Taco Cabana website. Enter your location, select your breakfast items, and then place your order. 
  • Doordash also provides the breakfast delivery of Taco Cabana. You can use the Taco Cabana website or application to select the location and then select the breakfast items to place your order. 



All of the above-shared Tex-Mex cuisine Breakfast Menu prices are updated according to the price list 2024. These prices are taken according to the Houston, Texas, and according to the doordash price list that are their official delivery partners. All other states also follow the same prices with slight variations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Taco Cabana Sell Breakfast All Day Near Dallas, TX?

They are serving some of the breakfast items throughout the day and including multiple breakfast options. 

Q. Is Taco Cabana Only In Texas?

Taco Cabana is also present in other locations besides Texas, including New Mexico. 

Q. How Many Taco Cabanas Are There In The US?

There are 151 taco cabana restaurants throughout the United States. 

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