Continental Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Continental Breakfast Menu

If you are looking for healthy breakfast items, then Continental Bakery serves the food items, especially for the early morning routines. Continental Breakfast Menu have prepared handcrafted delicate pastries and sweet breads for over 25 years. 

Continental Breakfast Menu

They have four locations across Los Angeles, California, United States. They are known for preparing the Breads independently using traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients by processing through the mother yeast. You can get fresh & ready to eat breakfast items. 

Continental Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Continental Breakfast Menu With Prices

Most Ordered 

Item’s NamePrice
Huevos Con Vegetales$13.75
Breakfast Bolillo Sandwich$6.25
Pupusa Revuelta$4.38
Tamales De Pollo$4.37
Platanos (4 Slices)$4.11
Tres Leches$3.50
Iced Horchata Con Espresso (20 Oz.)$4.49
Tamal Frito$3.50
Tamales De Elote$4.37
Breakfast Burrito$9.50
Horchata (20 Oz.)$5.00
Casamiento (16 Oz.)$5.48

Main Breakfast

Items NamePrice
Breakfast Burrito$9.50
Tamales De Pollo$4.37
Huevos Con Vegetales$13.75
Pupusa Frijol con queso$4.38
Pupusa Revuelta$4.38
Breakfast Bolillo Sandwich$6.25
Pupusa Queso con Loroco$4.69
Huevos Simple$9.50
Tamales De Elote$4.37
Huevos Rancheros$15.62
Huevos Con Jamón$14.37
Avena (20 Oz.)$4.69


Item’s NamePrice
Tamal Frito$3.50
Platanos (4 Slices)$4.11
Casamiento (16 Oz.)$5.48
Half of an Avocado$1.10
Tortillas (2 Pieces)$1.64
Dinner Roll$0.20
Frijoles Pinto (16 Oz.)$5.48
Crema Salvadorena (4 Oz.)$1.64
Sour Cream (4 Oz.)$1.64


Item’s NamePrice
Tres Leches$3.50
Chocolate Muffin$1.65
Concha Chocolate$1.25
Concha Vanilla$1.25
Quezadilla Redonda$2.50
Flan Napolitano$2.60
Peach Cheese Pastry$1.65
Banana Cheese Pastry$1.65
Fruit Tart$2.80
Guava Cheese Pastry$1.65


Item’s NamePrice
Horchata (20 Oz.)$5.00
Hot Cappuccino (20 Oz.)$3.85
Hot Coffee 12oz$2.50
Coca Cola Can (12 Oz.)$1.35
Kolachampagne (12 Oz.)$1.97
Vitamin Water$2.24
Iced Horchata Con Espresso (20 Oz.)$4.49
Jamaica (20 Oz.)$2.74
Orange Juice (20 Oz.)$4.38
Red Bull$2.90
Monster (16 Oz.)$2.79
Hot Cafe Latte (20 Oz.)$4.22
Coca Cola (1 Liter)$2.24
Half Gallon of Whole Milk$2.90
Bottled Water (20 Oz.)$1.85
Iced Latte (20 Oz.)$4.22
Gallon of Whole Milk$3.50

Continental Breakfast Hours 

The continental breakfast items can be ordered between 5:00 am – 11:00 am from Monday to Sunday. All of the breakfast items are available during this period. 

Does Continental Bakery Have Breakfast After Breakfast Hours?

The main breakfast Items are available during the breakfast hours, which are 5:00 am to 11:00 am. However, after this time, you can order the other items in the bakery as breakfast. Its side items and drinks are still available after passing the breakfast hours. 

How To Order Breakfast From Continental Bakery?

Ordering through the continental bakery is simple and can be made within a few seconds. DoorDash is their official delivery partner. That’s why if you want to place any online order, you can use its website to access the DoorDash link. 

Cheapest And Expensive Breakfast Items At Continental 

Cheapest Breakfast Items 

The cheapest breakfast item at the continental is Half of an Avocado. It costs $1.10.

Expensive Breakfast Items

The most expensive breakfast item at Continental is Huevos Rancheros. It’s considered one of the healthiest breakfast items in their store. The Huevos Rancheros come with Mexican cream, beans, and da tortillas or bolillo. It costs 15.62. 

Is Continental Breakfast Healthy? 

Continent breakfast items are healthy because they are enriched with quality and fresh ingredients. You can also refrigerate their bakery items and consume them later. 

Does Continental Bakery Serves Customizable Breakfasts? 

For some of its breakfast items, including the sandwich types, you can choose to order the customizable filling options. However, most of its breakfast items are ready to eat, so the customizable options are limited. 



The prices shared here are according to the updated 2024 prices according to DoorDash, which is its official delivery partner. The prices are according to Los Angeles. All of its four bakeries are following the same prices with slight variations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are There Bakeries In The USA?

There are approximately 8,780 Bakery Cafes in the United States, and continental bakeries are also one of these. 

Q. What Happened To Continental Baking Company?

In 1968, ITT purchased The continental. Afterward, in 1984, it was purchased by Ralston Purina. In 1995, it was purchased by the Interstate Bakeries Corporation. 

Q. How Long Do Breakfast Pastries Last?

Suppose you eat it after purchasing it, then you can store it in the refrigerator overnight. If you want to keep it for a longer period, you have to store it after wrapping it properly and tightly, then store it in the freezer. Frozen pastries are edible within one month. However, pastries stored in the refrigerator can be consumed within three days. 

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