Sheetz Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Sheetz Breakfast Menu

According to 2024 reports, Sheetz is operating 718 stores in the United States. Overall, their branches are present within the 6 States & territories that are in the 435 cities of the USA. Most of its branches are located in Pennsylvania, with 304 stores. They are popular for their on-the-go food & beverages. 

Sheetz Breakfast Menu

Sheetz Breakfast Menu offers a wide range of breakfast items that are ready to eat. The best thing about Sheetz is that you can order there any time for your breakfast. You can also get the processed food there. Moreover, you can get customizable toppings here. 

Sheetz Breakfast Menu With Prices

Sheetz Breakfast Menu With Prices

Croissants & Bagels

Item’s NamePrice
Kickin’ Chicken Biscuit$4.49
Walker Breakfast Ranger$4.59
Breakfast Platter$6.39


Items NamePrice
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Burrito$2.49
Western Burrito$2.49
Grande Burrito$5.99


Items NamePrice
Hard Boiled Eggs (2 ct)$1.69
Red Beet Eggs (2 ct)$1.99
Mini Hash Browns$2.59


Item’s NamePrice
Wild West Flatbread$3.99
Protein Showdown Flatbread$4.59
Farmhouse Flatbread$4.59


Item’s NamePrice
Made-to-Order Spicy Chicken Sandwich$5.79
The Big Mozz Chicken Sandwich$5.79
M T Go Peanut Butter & Strawberry Sammich$1.99
Grilled Cheese Sub$3.19
MTGo Egg Salad Wedge Sandwich$4.99
Spring Chicken Sandwich$5.79
MTGo Peanut Butter & Honey Sammich$1.99
MTGo New York Pastrami Artisanal Wedge Hot Sandwich$6.29
MTGo Chicken Salad Wedge$4.99
Lebanon Bologna Wedges$4.99
Turkey Deli Sandwich$4.99
M T Go Tuna Salad Wedge Sandwich$4.99
M T Go Ham Melt Sandwich$4.99
M T Go Pimento Ham Artisanal Wedge Sandwich$6.29


Items NamePrice
M T Go Chicken Caesar Wrap$5.49
M T Go Bistro Chicken Salad Wrap$5.49
M T Go Chicken Wrap$5.49
MTGo Baja Ranch Turkey Wrap$5.49
MTGo Italian Wrap$5.49


Items NamePrice
Breakfast Flatbread Pizza$4.99
3 Meat Flatbread Pizza$4.99
Sausage Flatbread Pizza$3.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread Pizza$4.99
BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza$4.99
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread Pizza$4.99
The Philly Steak Flatbread Pizza$4.99
Flatbread Pepperoni Pizza$3.99
Flatbread Cheese Pizza$3.99


Items NamePrice
Burrito Bowl$6.79
Chicken Quesadilla$7.19
Steak Quesadilla$7.19
Grand Tacos (3 ct)$5.39
No Meat Quesadilla$6.99

Breakfast Hours For Sheetz

That’s the point that makes Sheetz more special is their breakfast hours. You can order your breakfast meals any time of the day. Their stores remained open all day. So you can take out & order food all day.

Is Sheetz Breakfast Healthy? 

Yes, Sheetz’s breakfast options are healthy food items. The most healthy breakfast item at the Sheetz Stores is Wild West Breakfast Flatbread. Overall, it has 290 calories in it. Regarding the analysis of other breakfast options, they are also enriched in nutrition and include a healthy calorie combination. 

Cheapest And Expensive Breakfast Items At Sheetz 

Cheapest Breakfast Items At Sheetz

When it comes to the price lists, Sheetz prices are affordable. Their cheapest breakfast item is Hard Boiled Eggs (2 ct), which cost $1.69. Besides this, you can also find other options such as MTGo Peanut Butter & Honey Sammich, Strawberry Sammich, and Red Beet Eggs (2 ct) are under $2.00. 

Expensive Breakfast Item At Sheetz 

You can order their Quesarito, which costs $7.29, as an expensive breakfast item. 

Does Sheetz Serve Customizable Breakfast?

Yes, you can find most of the breakfast items with the customizable options. You can choose eggs, cheese, sausages, bread and customizable toppings. 

How To Order Breakfast From Sheetz?

Ordering breakfast from the Sheetz is quite simple. You can choose to place your order by following one of these methods;

  • You can choose the official website of the Sheetz to place your order. For this purpose, first of all, open the official website Sheetz and select breakfast Items and locations to place your order.
  • Through the DoorDash, the order can also be made within seconds. For this purpose, you need to visit the DoorDash website or app by which you can find the location & items to place your order. 



All of the above shared information is according to the 2024 updated Prices. These values and menus are taken from their official delivery partners, DoorDash. This price list is according to Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. Other States are also following the same price structure with little variations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Sheetz Sell Scrambled Eggs?

Yes, when you place your order, you can also order scrambled eggs. 

Q. Does Sheetz Make Blts?

Yes, Sheetz is offering the BLTS in the Sheetz store. You can find BLT lettuce, bacon, and Sliced tomatoes. You can get these BLTS anytime with your choice: White sub roll, spreadable, wheat, and customized toppings. 

Q. Is Sheetz Processed Food?

You can find a huge collection of processed food at Sheetz. These processed foods contain fat, calories, sodium, carbohydrates, and additives. 

Q. What Are The Healthiest Things To Get At Sheetz?

You can find many healthy food items at the Sheetz. Some of these are as follows;

  • Grilled Chicken Snack Wraps
  • Garden of Eatin Sub
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Southwest Veggie Sub
  • Oatmeal
  • Kids’ Premium Chicken Snack Wrap

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