Bojangles Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Bojangles Breakfast Menu

You can find the Bojangles breakfast menu here, which includes a complete menu of sandwiches, biscuit combos, and breakfast fixin. They offer their breakfast menu at affordable prices.

Bojangles are highly known for their buttermilk biscuits and Cajun-seasoned fried chicken. According to 2023 reports, there are a total of 818 restaurants in the USA at this time. Breakdancing meals are affordable with their low-calorie count.

Bojangles Breakfast Menu

Most people skip and avoid a healthy breakfast routine because they are afraid of being late for work or college. However, you can order your breakfast from Bojangles to avoid unhealthy routines. You can order your breakfast anytime and release the stress of preparing breakfast on your own.

Bojangles Breakfast Menu With Prices

Bojangles offers a whole new, exciting menu for breakfast meals. You can eat breakfast for $1.50. It involves all the most demanding recipes, like sandwiches, eggs, omelets, biscuits, fries, etc. Hereby, I am sharing the latest prices of all the breakfast items that were updated in 2023. These are taken from their delivery partners doordash.

Bojangles Breakfast Menu With Prices

Main Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu is composed of combo meals, special à la carte, biscuits, and sausages. You can find a lot of biscuit options with cheese, eggs, ham, steak, gravy, and other additions. The prices range from $1.61 to $10.74. It’s a healthy breakfast category that is available at affordable prices with the right combination of calories.

Items NamePriceCalories
Sausage biscuit (A la Carte)$3.74470 Cal
Sausage biscuit combo$8.74 550 Cal
Gravy biscuit (A la Carte) $4.11430 Cal 
Steak biscuit (A la carte)$4.48 620 Cal 
Steak biscuit combo $9.49 620 Cal 
Gravy biscuit combo $9.11430 Cal 
Bacon, egg & cheese biscuit combo $10.73510 Cal 
Sausage and egg biscuit combo $9.99 550 Cal 
Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit (A la Carte) $5.73510 Cal 
Egg and cheese biscuit combo $9.23 430 Cal 
Sausage gravy biscuit combo $10.73 430 Cal 
Plain buttermilk biscuit (A la Carte)$1.61310 Cal 
Country ham & egg biscuit combo $10.74480 Cal 
Country ham and egg biscuit (A la Carte) $5.73 480 Cal 
Country ham biscuit (A la Carte) $4.48 380 Cal 
Egg & cheese biscuit (A la carte) $4.24 430 Cal 
Country ham biscuit combo $9.49 380 Cal 
Main Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Fixin’s

Some people are too fond of their grits recipes. That’s why they also include this on their menu but stop delivering it before 11:00 a.m. However, other options, like seasoned fries and Bo-Tato rounds, are available to order all day.

Breakfast Fixin's
Items NamePriceCalories
Bo-Tato rounds (served all day!)$3.73220 Cal
Grits (available until 11 am) $3.4890 Cal 
Seasoned fries $3.73 450 Cal 
Breakfast Fixin’s

Sandwiches For Breakfast

Here, you can find a huge variety of sandwiches. They are also offering grilled sandwiches on their menu that use a small quantity of fat. As a result, it overall makes it a healthy edible option. They offer a wide range of sandwiches. All of these sandwiches come with mayonnaise and lettuce and tomatoes.

Items NamePriceCalories
Bo’s chicken sandwich combo$11.86740–1430 Cal
Cajun filet sandwich combo $13.49 670 Cal 
Bo’s chicken sandwich (A la Carte) $6.86 670 Cal 
Cajun filet club sandwich combo $16.22690 Cal 
Pulled pork BBQ sandwich combo $12.69460 Cal
Pulled pork BBQ sandwich (A la Carte) $7.69460 Cal 
Cajun filet sandwich (A la Carte) $8.49 670 Cal 
Cajun filet club sandwich (A la Carte) $11.38640 Cal 
Southern filet sandwich (A la Carte) $8.49 550 Cal 
Grilled chicken sandwich (A la Carte) $8.49 570 Cal 
Southern filet sandwich combo $13.49 650 – 1,210 Cal 
Grilled chicken club sandwich (A la Carte) $11.38 515 Cal 
Grilled chicken sandwich combo $13.49 570 Cal 
Grilled chicken club sandwich combo $16.22650 Cal 
Sandwiches For Breakfast

Bojangles Breakfast Nutrition And Calories

Bojangles breakfasts are healthy to eat. They have breakfast biscuits that are 250 to 500 calories or more. That is a good option for the morning breakfast.

Overall, the breakfast menu has a calorie range of 290 to 600.

  • Sandwiches: 230–550 calories
  • Biscuits: 290–550 calories

It’s the right calorie count if you want to lose weight. However, using combo breakfast meals is also a good choice for your breakfast.

Bojangles Price Comparison With Other Restaurants

When it comes to the prices for breakfast, they are offering highly competitive prices for their products. You can easily purchase the breakfast meal that starts at $1.69 with its high-quality ingredients. They offer the right calories in their meals as well.

How Do I Order Breakfast From Bojangles? Delivery Methods

Through Application

  1. The Bojangles application is available on the Google Store and Play Store. In order to use the application, first of all, you have to download the app.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Now you can make an account on it.
  4. Afterwards, you can search for the breakfast menu from the menu.
  5. Add the breakfast items that you want to order.
  6. Set the location on the app where you want the delivery. Confirm your order.
Bojangles Delivery Through Application

Though Doordash

  1. Doordash is the delivery partner of Bojangles. In order to use the website, first open the browser and search for the buttons on it. 
  2. It will show all the nearest locations. 
  3. Search for breakfasts and add the items of your choice. 
  4. Afterwards, follow the page instructions and check the bill payment. Confirm your order.
Bojangles Delivery Though Doordash


*Note: I am sharing the Bojangles breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Bojangles in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Bojangles Offer All-Day Breakfast?

The answer is yes. You can order breakfast meals from Bojangles anytime before the closing time, which is around 9:00 p.m.

Q. What Is The Lowest-Calorie Breakfast Item At Bojangles?

The lowest-calorie breakfast item is grilled sandwiches, which have 230 to 250 calories. In breakfast biscuits, the bacon biscuits have 290 calories.

Q. Do Bojangles Have Sandwiches For Breakfast?

Yes, along with the specific breakfast meals and deals from Bojangles, you can also choose to have the sandwiches. Aside from this, sandwiches are made from the right ingredients, are not too high in calories, and can be a good healthy option.

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