Bob Evans Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu

Bob Evans breakfast menu offers a wide range of delicious breakfast items. They offer family-size breakfast deals and breakfast combinations for a complete meal at the lowest prices. They offer eggs, omelets, sandwiches, hotcakes, toast, and oatmeal.

Bob Evans has 439 locations in the USA. They are famous for their delicious sausage recipes. They offer a high-class menu with family breakfast deals and combo options. Besides this, they are known for their all-day breakfast availability.

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Going to the office or college without breakfast is not a healthy habit. However, if you have to make it for the whole family, you might be late for your office. So it’s always better to have a healthy breakfast restaurant option. Bob Evans offers highly hygienic family breakfast deals at affordable prices.

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu With Prices

You can find breakfast options that are highly rich and also available in the right proportions. These are a good option for a complete family breakfast. These prices are taken directly from the Doordash app according to the 2023 latest prices, which are 95% accurate.

Family-Size Breakfast

This is the right choice; these can be a good option for a complete breakfast. This category offers a meal that can be a good option for eating up to six people. Aside from using it as a breakfast option, you can also eat it anytime of the day. The price range starts from $16.19 to $89.19.

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu With Prices
Items NamePriceCalories 
Homestead family breakfast$59.49960 – 1340 Cal
Family Size sausage links $16.19 140 Cal
Brunch for a bunch bundle$89.19 520 Cal 
Family size sausage patties$16.19 160 Cal
Family size hickory-smoked Ham $16.19 410 Cal 
Farmers choice family breakfast (Serves up to 6) $53.49 1080 – 1120 Cal
Rise and shine family breakfast$44.59 730 – 1130 Cal
Family size hardwood-smoked bacon $16.19580 Cal
Family size sausage gravy and biscuits$17.39 1100 Cal 
Family size golden brown home fries $16.19270 Cal
Family size sausage links $16.19 140 Cal 
Family size shredded hash browns $16.19 180 Cal
Bacon biscuit sandwich bundle $44.59 550 Cal 
Sausage biscuit sandwich bundle $44.59390 – 400 Cal 
Bob Evans Breakfast Menu With Prices

Breakfast Combos

The breakfast combos are a really good option for eating. These combo foods are a great emergency fulfillment option that can be eaten by multiple people at a time. Additionally, they offer the right combination of biscuits and eggs, eggs, and sandwiches. That’s why combo foods are a good option for the whole family to eat.

Items NamePrice Calories
Rise and shine$12.691330 – 1960 Cal
The big egg breakfast $13.99690 – 1350 Cal
Homestead breakfast$15.29 1030 Cal 
The everything breakfast$15.791130 Cal 
Country biscuit$9.69520 Cal 
Banana Berry farmer$16.391270 – 1530 Cal
The whole hog$17.791800 – 2000 Cal
Cinna biscuits$4.99710 Cal 
Blue ribbon Bacon$6.19390 Cal 
The original farmers choice$13.99 1070 – 1460 Cal
Double meat farmer’s choice $17.29 1170 – 1780 Cal
Country fried stick & farm fresh eggs$14.79 1310 – 1510 Cal
Farmhand biscuit sandwich platter$16.49 1290 Cal 
Sirloin steak & farm fresh eggs $17.391160 – 1360 Cal
Caramel apple farmers choice $16.49320 – 1280 Cal
Breakfast Combos

Omelets And Bowls

The classical style of breakfast includes a vast range of omelets. There are varieties available for choosing the right omelet. However, prices range from $13.79 to $15.79.

Omelets And Bowls
Items NamePrice Calories
Build your own omelet$14.291050 – 1210 Cal
Sunshine skillet $13.691180 Cal 
Western omelet $14.49 1260 – 1420 Cal
Southwest avocado omelet$15.79 750 Cal 
3 meat & Cheese omelet $15.49 1820 – 1980 Cal
Omelets And Bowls

Hotcakes For Breakfasts 

Most people prefer a dish with a high sugar content. Hotcakes are one of the best options in the cake category. With a lot of exciting and delicious options, you can choose the right hotcake according to its composition. These include caramel, blueberry, chocolate, and other contents as well. In addition to this, these are also fluffy and soft in taste.

Hotcakes For Breakfasts 
Items NamePrice Calories 
Double chocolate hotcakes$13.391210 – 1440 Cal
Buttermilk hotcakes $11.09 1240 – 1470 Cal
Brioche french toast $11.79810 Cal 
Double blueberry hotcakes$13.39 1070 Cal 
Caramel apple hot cakes $13.59 1130 Cal 
Blueberry banana oatmeal$11.09 750 Cal 
Caramel apple French toast $14.29 530 – 2990 Cal
Hotcakes For Breakfasts 

Bob Evans Nutrition And Calories

Nutritionally, the breakfast menu is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and multivitamins. Overall, the food combinations for families start at 1000 calories. They use a smaller amount of saturated fat. The single food elements contain calories below 800.

According to your nutritional calorie limit, you can choose breakfast items from the menu. When you order something on the Bob Evans app, it will also show the total estimation of the calories.

Bob Evans In Comparison To Other Restaurants

According to the serving sizes, the price is affordable. When you purchase food items from any other restaurant for your family, they will be overall expensive. However, the family combos and other deals are high in quality. Aside from their quality, their prices are low.

How Do I Order Breakfast From Bob Evans? Delivery Methods

Ordering breakfast is highly easier using Bob Evans. You can order breakfast meals from them easily by using their third-party delivery applications or via their app.

Through App

The app for this restaurant is also available on the Play Store and App Store. The installation will make it easier to place your order. Besides this, through the application, you can also get the chance for special discounts and exclusive deals.

  1. First of all, ensure the installation of the application. Open the app and see the nearest locations in the USA for ordering.
  2. Add your favorite food menu for breakfast.
  3. Make an order and confirm your order address.
Bob Evans Delivery Through App

Though Doordash

Doordash is the most reliable delivery method. First of all, you need to use the website or app for food delivery. Afterwards, you can see the option to find the nearest location. The menu will start to appear. You need to select the food items that you want to order. 

Add the food items for your breakfast to the list. Enter your address where you want the delivery. After some time, you will receive your order.

Bob Evans Delivery Though Doordash

Delivery Time 

The delivery time varies according to the locations. Usually, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to deliver your order.


*Note: I am sharing the Bob Evans breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Bob Evans in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is In A Bob Evans Breakfast Bowl?

For the bowl making, 2 eggs are cracked and added with the tomatoes and the avocado makings in it. Aside from this combination, fresh baked bread of your own choice is served with it. Moreover, it includes lime cream sauce and fresh-cut fruits.

Q. Does Bob Evans Make Omelettes For Breakfast?

Yes, they prepare the whole menu of omelets using different recipes and ingredients for their breakfasts. In addition to this, you can also get the omelet of your choice.

Q. How Many Biscuits Are In A Bob Evans Family-Size Breakfast?

In the family-size breakfast options, six biscuits are available in the deal.

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