Sonic Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Sonic Breakfast Menu

The Sonic breakfast meals are famous due to their whole-day delivery. Moreover, the main breakfast menu includes the toaster, burrito, roasters, coffee, egg, and sausage combinations. Besides this, the menu is meticulously made up of the right ingredients.

Sonic Drive-In is also known as Sonic. Sonic has gained popularity due to its toaster sandwiches, extra-long cheese Coney, and freshly prepared meals. In total, there are 3,545 restaurants in the USA. Within which the highest number of 957 restaurants are present in Texas.

Sonic Breakfast Menu

Sonic Breakfast Menu With Prices

They offer some selective breakfast options for their users. They offer a menu that is affordable and has healthy diet features. Overall, there are 11 items included in it, along with the three types of coffee. Most of their breakfast items include the toasters, burritos, and toast sticks. 

Sonic Drive-In Breakfast Menu With Prices

As the name indicates, this category comprises all of the breakfast meals that are available all day. It is highly enriched with nutrients that are good to eat. They also offer coffee types that are available according to people’s choices. It gives the choice between small, medium, large, and RT 44.

Items NamePrice Calories 
French toast Sticks$4.01570 Cal
Sausage breakfast Burrito$4.62490 Cal 
Bacon breakfast burrito$4.62470 Cal 
Ultimate meat and cheese breakfast burrito$6.09820 Cal 
Bacon breakfast toaster$5.84480 Cal 
Super Sonic breakfast burrito $6.09590 Cal 
Sausage breakfast toaster$5.84580 Cal
Jr. Bacon, cheese and egg breakfast burrito$2.79270 Cal 

French vanilla cold brew iced coffee 
Small ($2.79)Medium ($4.01) Large ($4.62)RT 44 ($5.23)210 Cal300 Cal 470 Cal 650 Cal
Green mountain coffee roasters coffee $1.911490 Cal 

Original cold brew iced coffee
Small ($2.39) Medium ($3.59)Large ($4.19)RT 44 ($5.15)190 Cal 260 Cal 410 Cal570 Cal 
Sonic All-Day Breakfast

Sonic Breakfast Nutrition And Calories

Nutritionally, they contain light forms of calories. They are giving you the right elements and nutrients to fulfill your daily tasks. You can have a breakfast under 300 calories if you order the breakfast burrito. Their food combinations are energetic, healthy, and proteinous. They tried to use a low quantity of saturated fats, which are around 14 g, and low sugar, which is around 3%.

Sonic Breakfast’s Price Comparison With Other Restaurants

In comparison to other restaurants overall, the prices are reasonable. The food is prepared from high quality and under the control of a righteous proportion of calories. They are not very expensive. You can easily get your complete breakfast for under $6. That’s quite impressive.

How Do I Order Breakfast From Sonic? Delivery Process

You can easily order your breakfast items from Sonic using their own or third-party services. I am going to share the delivery methods from Sonic Drive-In and Doordash.

Through Sonic Application

  1. You can also use this application to order something. For this purpose, you simply need to install the application through the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Right now, you can also choose to make an account there.
  3. Select your favorite breakfast items from the menu. You will also need to check the calories in front of your ordered items.
  4. Insert the accurate address for delivering the order.
  5. Confirm your order. Pay your bill.
Sonic Delivery Through Sonic Application

Through Doordash 

  1. Doordash is their delivery partner. In order to use the doordash, first of all, you have to install the doordash application on your phone.
  2. Afterwards, you can see their nearest delivery locations.
  3. Check out their breakfast items and add your favorites.
  4. Finally, check the bill payment amount and mode. Confirm your order.
Sonic Delivery Through Doordash 

Delivery Time

The delivery time for Sonic restaurants varies according to the locations. Most of the time, you can collect your breakfast meals within 30 to 40 minutes after ordering them.

Sonic Breakfast Comparison With Other Restaurants

Sonic is the most popular food chain in Texas, USA. It has many restaurants in its competition. They offer carhop services at their curbside. That is really a great edition, and it’s not available at other restaurants. Sonic Drive-in ranks 14th for their burgers in the USA.

Alternatives of Sonic Breakfast:

Before going to your office for early morning routines, you must go after breakfast. However, in the morning, it’s difficult to prepare your food on your own for fear of being late. Sonic Drive-in resolves this problem by serving a high-quality Sonic breakfast menu that is available throughout the day.

*Note: I am sharing the Sonic breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Sonic in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Breakfast Toaster At Sonic?

The breakfast toaster is made up of some delicious ingredients. The two slices of Texas toast, which include a combination of savory sausage, fluffy eggs, and melty cheese, are known as a toaster.

Q. What Is The Healthiest Sonic Breakfast?

In terms of calories, the Bacon Jr. Breakfast Burrito is the healthiest option for breakfast. Overall, there are 270 calories in it.

Q. Do Sonic French Toast Sticks Have Eggs?

They use the milk for its preparation instead of the egg’s. The French toast sticks lack eggs.

Q. What Time Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast?

The servings of breakfast vary for different restaurants. Generally, if seen from the perspective of each restaurant, you can order your breakfast anytime up to 9:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m.

Q. Does Sonic Have Tater Tots In The Morning?

You can also select this meal and add tots with the coffee to have a perfect breakfast in the morning.

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