Starbucks Breakfast Menu with Prices 2024

Starbucks offer a high-class breakfast and coffee for a refreshing start to your day. In Starbucks Breakfast Menu there’s the availability of omelets, sandwiches, egg bites, and wraps. Most people also prefer bakery items, including cakes, muffins, and hot drinks.

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Starbucks breakfast menu

Starbucks Breakfast Menu Prices

You can find high-quality breakfast meals at Starbucks. These are highly hygienic and known worldwide. Hereby, I am going to share the whole menu with categories and prices.

Starbucks Hot Breakfast Menu With Prices 

The hot breakfast menu is highly popular in the US. According to the prices, they serve a high-class and complete breakfast package. These items will be enough to quell your hunger in a healthy way. The ingredients are enriched with proteins, which provide an extra energy boost to the body for a whole day. The Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are highly famous in this menu. 

Starbucks Hot Breakfast Menu With Prices 
Items NamePriceCalories 
Bacon, egg wrap, and sausage$7.45640 Cal 
Impossible breakfast sandwich $7.15 430 Cal 
Double smoked bacon, egg & cheddar sandwich$7.15 520 Cal 
Kale and mushroom egg bites $5.95240 Cal
Turkey bacon, egg white & cheddar sandwich $5.95 230 Cal 
Sausage, cheddar & egg sandwich $5.75 500 Cal
Bacon & Gruyere egg bites$5.95 310 Cal 
Spinach, Feta & egg white wrap$5.95 290 Cal 
Bacon, Gouda & egg white sandwich$5.95 370 Cal 
Egg white and roasted red pepper egg bites $5.95170 Cal 
Starbucks Hot Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Special Breakfast Items That Are Preferred By People In Some Branches

However, the main items in the hot breakfast title are served in all IDT Starbucks branches. Beyond this, some restaurants also highly recommend purchasing items from their other branches. They are from their bakery and got on the drink’s list.

Bakery Items For Breakfast

Some people want to go out with a breakfast that includes some biscuits or cake. Usually, sweet dish lovers prefer this kind of breakfast to fulfill the glucose content in their blood. The Starbucks breakfast wrap is highly delicious. These items are not very expensive and contain all the necessary combinations of nutrients that will keep you energetic.

Items NamePriceCalories
Everything bagel $3.25290 Cal
Chocolate cake pop$3.55150 Cal 
Plain bagel $3.25 280 Cal 
Cookies & creme cake pop$3.55140 Cal 
Marshmallow dream bar $2.95 230 Cal 
Chocolate croissant$4.75 300 Cal 
Cinnamon coffee cake $4.45 380 Cal 
Pumpkin & pepita loaf $4.45 390 Cal 
Blueberry Muffin$4.15 330 Cal
Blueberry scone$3.95380 Cal
Bakery Items For Breakfast

Hot Drinks For Breakfast 

Most people don’t only eat solids; they also use the liquid content to keep them refreshing. Starbucks offers a great drink menu that people usually prefer for breakfast. Through juices and milk drinks, you are moving towards a healthy diet. I am sharing the latest Starbucks breakfast menu prices for hot drinks.

Hot Drinks For Breakfast 
Items NamePriceCalories 
Hot chocolate$2.95171 Cal
Steamed apple juice $2.75 170 Cal 
White hot chocolate $4.15 350 Cal
Steamed milk$2.75 160 Cal 
Pumpkin spice crème$4.15 400 Cal 
Vanilla creme $2.75 350 Cal 
Hot Drinks For Breakfast 

Starbucks Coffee Menu Prices

Starbucks offers a wide range of coffees on its menu for breakfast. These are flavored with the right ingredients to make them more delicious. Starbucks coffee menu prices are as follows:

Items NamePriceCalories
Pumpkin spice latte$6.75390 Cal
Caramel macchiato$5.95 250 Cal 
Cafe latte $5.25 150 Cal 
White chocolate mocha $6.45 430 Cal 
Cappuccino$5.25 100 Cal 
Caffe mocha $5.55 370 Cal 
Caffe Americano$4.15 10 Cal 
Flat white $5.55 170 Cal 
Featured Dark roast $3.15 5 Cal 
Featured blonde roast $3.15 5 Cal 
Caffe Misto $3.95 110 Cal
Cinnamon dolce latte $6.45340 Cal 
Espresso Macchiato$3.45 15 Cal 
Coffee traveler -Dark roast$23.95 5 Cal 
Starbucks Coffee Menu Prices

Starbucks Breakfast Nutrition and Calories

Is the Starbucks breakfast menu healthy or not? The Starbucks breakfast menu is healthy and delicious. The quality of food products really consists of high-quality food. The starbucks breakfast menu calories keep the balance in their breakfast plans. Other fast food options also come with the fat reduction menu.

Within their drink menu, they try to keep limited ingredients in their recipes. Through which their sugar level is also kept low, which reduces the sugar problems. The coffee and the drinks are made through blending and kept simple. That’s why the calories are also low in number.

Starbucks is famously known for its flavored coffees and their taste. With a revenue of $32.25 billion, it’s the largest coffee brand in the USA. Their breakfast service is also exceptional. Howard Schultz is the main shareholder of Starbucks in the USA. There are 15,873 restaurants located in the US. Overall, it has access to 80+ countries.

Finding healthy and hygienically prepared breakfasts is difficult, but Starbucks denies this concept. They are a highly energetic and healthy breakfast supplier in the USA. So if you are looking to eat something before going to your office, it will be a good option for you that takes care of the calories and freshness.

How Do I Order Food From Starbucks? Delivery Process

Starbucks offers that delivery system only with the help of third parties. So you can order your breakfast easily using Doordash and UberEATS.

Through Doordash 

Doordash is their official delivery partner. You can also choose it when ordering a Starbucks breakfast. You can find customized breakfast options there at affordable prices.

  1. First of all, search for Starbucks on your search engine. You can also install the application or continue with the web page.
  2. Hereby, you can search and select the nearest delivery location.
  3. Afterwards, you can check and add the food for breakfast.
  4. After adding, you can check for the bill payment and write your delivery address.
  5. You will receive your delivery sometime.
How Do I Order Food From Starbucks? Delivery Process

Through Starbucks

If you want, you can also directly order your food from Starbucks. However, in that case, you have to pick up your order yourself. You can also collect your order from the drive-through. So it’s a very hectic period. Overall. It’s always best to order from UberEATS or Doordash.

Delivery Time For Placed Orders

The time of delivery varies according to the locations. You can also set the personalized delivery time for your orders. You can order or eat their breakfast menu anytime from opening to closing time. Usually, the third-party delivery system delivers the parcel within 15 to 20 hours.

Starbucks In Comparison With Other Restaurants In The USA

  1. Starbucks is a globally well-known restaurant that has many branches. You can find a more comfortable environment at Starbucks that other restaurants don’t focus on. 
  2. The name of the restaurant reflects the quality of the food. Starbucks breakfast prices are affordable. 
  3. You will experience an environment that is really friendly and follows the customer’s culture. 
  4. Additionally, breakfast services are available throughout the day. So you don’t have to order it during specific hours only. 
  5. They created an environment by having open spaces with comfortable seating.
  6. Starbucks coffee menu prices are actually good, according to taste and in comparison to other restaurants.


*Note: These prices are taken from Doordash, that is, its delivery partners. These are most accurate according to the latest 2024 menu prices list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Order Breakfast Sandwiches All Day At Starbucks?

Yes, you can order the breakfast sandwiches at any time from Starbucks. They are offering whole-day delivery until the closing time of the restaurant. Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are healthy to eat. 

Q. What’s The Cheapest Breakfast Item At Starbucks?

When it comes to the breakfast items, steamed apple juice, steamed milk, and vanilla creme, each of them costs $2.75.

Q. What Breakfast Food Does Starbucks Serve?

Starbucks breakfast menu offers healthy eating options. Starbucks offers hot coffee, sausages, egg bites, bakery items, and many other options. Starbucks breakfast wrap is also available on the menu. 

Q. Does Starbucks Have Pancakes?

Yes, you can also find pancakes at Starbucks. They have priced it at over one dollar.

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