Shari’s Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Shari's Breakfast Menu

Shari’s Cafe & Pies is known and famous as Shari’s. According to 2024 updates, Shari operates 76 locations throughout the USA. These locations are mainly in Oregon, Idaho, California, Wyoming, and Washington. They are known for their hexagonal structure buildings. 

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Shari’s Breakfast Menu in various categories. They are known for their fresh food; the best thing is that they serve breakfast all day. They prepare exceptional Northwest comfort food, for which they are highly famous. 

Shari’s Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Shari's Breakfast Menu With Prices

Most Ordered

Item’s NamePriceCalories
Farmer’s Breakfast Standard$16.79910 – 1570 Cal
Meat Lover’s Skillet$16.791330 – 1770 Cal
B.Y.O. Omelette$17.19250 – 1125 cal
The Breakfast Sampler$17.991180 – 1590 Cal
Side of Applewood-Smoked Bacon (4)$5.99160 Cal
Gourmet Pie Slices$5.09490 – 700 Cal
Tillamook® Cheddar Burger$14.99750 Cal
Turkey Bacon Club$16.791310 Cal
Country Fried Steak & Eggs*$18.591060 Cal
Brioche French Toast Combo$15.991300 – 1570 Cal
Fountain Drinks$4.190 – 279 Cal
Side of Stuffed Hash Browns$5.99420 Cal

Breakfast Handhelds

Items NamePriceCalories
Breakfast Burrito$14.79870 Cal
Hangover Burger$16.79240-270 Cal

Breakfast Extras

Items NamePriceCalories
Side of Applewood-Smoked Bacon (4)$5.99160 Cal
Side of Stuffed Hash Browns$5.99420 Cal
Side of Sausage Links (2)$5.99230 Cal
Side of Eggs (2)$4.79170 Cal
Side of Crispy Hash Browns$4.79260 Cal
Side of Toast & Jam$3.59490 – 860 Cal
Cup of Fruit$5.9950 Cal
Bowl of Fruit$8.39100 Cal
Side of Sausage Patty (2)$5.99200 Cal
Side of Turkey Sausage Patty (2)$5.98140 Cal
Housemade Cheddar Biscuit$3.59380 Cal
Housemade Cheddar Biscuit 2 Pack$5.991530 Cal

Smaller Plates & Lighter Fare

Item’s Name PriceCalories
Chicken Tenders & Fries$14. 39990 – 1260 Cal
Country Fried Steak$14.39740 Cal
Country Fried Steak Breakfast$12.99980 – 1350 cal
Biscuits & Gravy$10.191180-1590 Cal
Fish & Chips$14.991080 – 1200 Cal
Classic Burger$12.59990 – 1260 Cal
Petite USDA Sirloin Steak$15.59280 Cal
Homestyle Breakfast$10.79960 Cal
Traditional Breakfast$10.59670 – 1190 Cal
Chicken and Broccoli Cheese Casserole$14.39427 Cal
Two Egg Denver Omelette$11.991010 – 1380 Cal
Brioche French Toast Combo$11.191000 – 1120 Cal

Artisan Sandwiches

Items NamePriceCalories
Turkey Bacon Club$16.791310 Cal
Philly-Style Prime Rib Dip$20.19780 Cal
Grilled Chicken Avocado and Bacon Sandwich$19.19850 Cal
Grilled Ham & Cheese$15.391140 Cal
Classic BLT$15.39780 Cal
Prime Rib Dip$17.79680 Cal

Kids Menu

Item’s NamePriceCalories
Pioneer Pancake$5.99640 Cal
Wagon Train Chicken$7.19170 – 340 Cal
Gold Rush Buttery Grilled Cheese$7.19660 Cal
Mountaineer Burger$7.19470 – 550 Cal
Frontier French Toast$5.99670 – 790 Cal
Homesteader Breakfast$5.99280 – 500 Cal
Mountaineer Mac & Cheese$7.19490 Cal
All American Shake$5.39450 – 520 Cal
Cheese Quesadilla$7.19490 – 740 Cal


Items NamePriceCalories
Fountain Drinks$4.190 – 279 cal
Fountain Style Milkshakes$8.39570 – 680 Cal
Large Juice$5.5980 – 210 Cal
Iced Tea$4.190 Cal
Hot Chocolate$4.19200 Cal
2% Milk – Large$5.39230 Cal
Fresh Ground Coffee – Decaf$3.990 Cal
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade$5.99140 – 180 Cal
Arnold Palmer$4.6965 Cal
Fresh Ground Coffee$3.990 Cal
Lemonade$4.79120 Cal
Hot Tea$3.990 Cal

Breakfast hours for Shari’s Cafe & Pies

When it comes to the breakfast hours, they do not follow any specific time duration for their breakfast servings. You can freely order your breakfast items at any time. They serve all-day breakfasts. 

How To Order Breakfast From Shari’s?

If you want to order breakfast, you can do so through the following methods. 

  • You can place your order through the official Shari’s website. You have to provide your location and then confirm your order. 
  • You can choose to order through the doordash. Doordash is their official delivery partner. You can use their application or website to order. 



All shared Shari’s Cafe & Pies breakfast menu prices are according to the updated price list 2024 and taken through the door dash, which is their official delivery partner. The price list we shared is according to Vancouver, Washington. We share the prices from Washington state as other states follow the same price structure with little variations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Shari’s Pies Made In House?

Shari’s pies are made from top black, blue, straw, and Marionberries. They use all of the freshly prepared ingredients to prepare the pies. 

Q. How Many Locations Does Shari’s Have?

There are 95 overall locations where they are serving the food. However, according to the 2024 updates, there are 76 locations in different states of the USA. 

Q. Is Shari’s Only In Oregon?

Besides their presence in Oregon, Shari’s are also in Washington, Idaho, California, and Wyoming. 

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