Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu

The Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu includes all the freshly prepared options. It has the nutrients that are right according to the healthy breakfast routine. Its main breakfast menu includes a platter, toast, omelets, cakes, sandwiches, and other options as well. Most importantly, you can easily order it anytime.

Farmer Boys are known for their ready-to-cook breakfasts, award-winning burgers, and salads that are specially handmade with chopped vegetables. Overall, there are 101 restaurants in the USA that are present in different locations.

Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu

When you are going outside in the early morning, you must go out after having your breakfast. However, due to busy work routines, it’s difficult to manage time for breakfast. In that case, farmer boys can be a good option for a healthy breakfast.

Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu With Prices

The Farmer Boys breakfast menu is affordable and enough to keep you healthy all day. All of the prices I am going to share here are updated according to the latest pricing for 2023. These are taken from their official delivery partner, Doordash.

Farm Fresh Breakfast

Farm Fresh Breakfast offers high-quality omelets and toast slices, along with other available options like platters, slices, omelets, and burritos. All of these items are prepared freshly and served. Moreover, the price range for the farm-fresh breakfast ranges from $7.50 to $14.25. All of these items are delicious and include the right nutrients.

Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu With Prices
Item’s Name Price Calories
Breakfast Burrito$8.191156 Cal
Hog Heaven Burrito$14.25 934 Cal 
3-Egg Breakfast$9.69 975 Cal 
California Omelet$14.251317 Cal 
Farmer’s Omelet$14.25 1233 Cal 
Ham and Cheese Omelet$13.651024 Cal 
French Toast Platter$13.751074 Cal 
3 French Toast Slices$11.75980 Cal 
4 Hot Cakes$10.50 734 Cal
2-Egg Breakfast Sandwich$7.50 555 Cal 
Hot Cakes Platter$12.50 734 Cal 
Denver Omelet$14.25 930 Cal 
Farmer Boys Breakfast Menu With Prices

Sandwiches & More

Many people want something lighter for their breakfast. For that purpose, you can find the whole sandwich menu to order. Moreover, you can also order burgers, sandwich combos, melts, and other recipes. The price range for the sandwiches is $9.40–19.40. This can be a good choice for breakfast, and you can order it anytime.

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Item’s NamePrice Calories 
4 pc Fish Platter$18.152480 Cal 
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich Combo$19.25 880 Cal 
California BLT Combo$17.65660 Cal 
Bacon Turkey Melt$11.65800 Cal 
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich$12.50880 Cal 
4 pc Chicken Strips$9.40 500 Cal
3 pc Fish & Fries$13.15910 Cal 
4 pc Chicken Strips Combo$16.15500 Cal 
California BLT$10.90660 Cal 
Loaded Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo$19.401526 Cal 
Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich$10.75830 Cal
Patty Melt$10.65900 Cal 
Farmer’s Club Sandwich ™ Combo$18.90840 Cal 
Farmer’s Club Sandwich ™$12.15840 Cal 
Loaded Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich$12.651266 Cal 
Loaded Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich$12.65 830 Cal 
Patty Melt Combo$17.40900 Cal 
Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo$17.50 1266 Cal 
Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo$17.50830 Cal 
Grilled Chicken Club$12.15710 Cal 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$18.25 550 Cal 
Grilled Chicken Club Combo$18.90710 Cal
Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich$10.751266 Cal 
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.50 550 Cal
Loaded Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo$19.401266 Cal
Sandwiches & More

Popular Items

The popular items of Farmer Boys are available throughout the day. This includes the most-selling food items at the restaurant. The prices are also affordable.

Item’s Name Price 
Always Crispy Fries®$4.15 
Breakfast Burrito No meat $8.40 
Breakfast Burrito bacon $10.49
Breakfast Burrito chili $10.49
Breakfast Burrito ham $10.49
Breakfast Burrito sausage$10.49 
Farmers Chopped Cobb Salad™$14.18 
Chili Cheese Fries$8.39
Fried Chicken Dippers$4.70 
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich$11.80 
Farmer’s Burger® Combo$18.27 
4 pc Chicken Strips$9.50 
Bacon Boy® Combo$17.64
Popular Items

Farmer Boys Nutritional Value And Calories

Nutritionally, the Farmer Boys breakfast contains healthy ingredients with low-saturated fats in it. Besides this, they offer low-calorie breakfast options, which are a priority for many people. 

Besides this, the nutritional analysis reveals that it contains healthy proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and other nutrients. That’s why it can be a healthy breakfast option.

Farmer Boys Restaurant Comparison With Other Restaurants

In comparison with other restaurants, they are offering an all-time breakfast that most of the restaurants lack. When it comes to the price comparison, they have affordable prices for the breakfast items. 

Beyond that, the whole menu is made up of all the fresh and healthy calorie-based ingredients overall. You can find combo foods over $10 that can be a good option to eat in the early morning.

How To Order Breakfast From Farmer Boys? Delivery Methods

For ordering breakfast from a former boy, you can use the former boy restaurant application and their delivery partners. Hereby, I am suggesting reliable methods for your order.

Through Application

You can also order breakfast or any other meal at any time of the day using its application. For this, you have to follow the following instructions:

  1. First of all, open your Play Store or App Store, where you have to search for, download, and install the Farmer Boys application on your mobile.
  2. Create an account on the Farmer Boy app.
  3. You can see the list of available breakfast options on it. Besides this, you can also search to find your favorite breakfast options.
  4. Add the breakfast items and click on the order now option.
  5. Enter your home address where you want delivery and confirm your order.
Farmer Boys Delivery Through Application

Through Doordash

  • You can also order your food through the doordash. For this purpose, you have to open the door and find the nearest location.
  • Hereby, you can search for the breakfast items and click on the add option shown on the side of each item.
  • Afterward, you have to enter the receiving address. Check the bill payment and other details of the item or topping selection and confirm your order.
Farmer Boys Delivery Through Doordash

Delivery Time

They aim to send orders quickly. However, the delivery time varies and depends on the location and restaurants. Mostly, you have to wait for 20 to 40 minutes to receive your order. 


*Note: I am sharing the Farmer Boys Breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Farmer Boys Breakfast in the USA.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Cheapest Breakfast Item At Farmer Boys?

The two-egg breakfast sandwich is the cheapest breakfast item at Farmers Boys. It costs $7.50.

Q. Do Farmer Boys Offer All-Day Breakfast?

They are offering breakfast all day before the restaurant closes. That means you can order breakfast anytime from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q. Does Farmer Boy Offer The Burgers For Breakfast?

Yes, they are offering their whole menu throughout the day. So you can order burgers for breakfast.

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