Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Fuzzy's Taco Shop Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu is the specialty of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop breakfast menu. You can find delicious and low-calorie food items for your breakfast. They are offering burritos, migas, tacos rancheros, and chilaquiles with a blend of flavors.

Fuzzy’s Taco operates more than 150 restaurants in the USA. They have gained popularity due to their delicious burritos. They offer breakfast meals during the regular day hours of the restaurants.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop Breakfast Menu

If you are looking for some breakfast options in your early morning routine, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop can be the best option for you. They are serving a healthy breakfast menu with low calories that can keep you healthy.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Breakfast Menu With Prices And Calories

In Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, you can find a desirable menu at affordable prices with low calories. All of the price schedules I am going to share here are 95 percent accurate, according to 2023 updates. This data was taken using their delivery partner’s doordash. Besides the prices, you can also check the calorie details of each item.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Breakfast Menu With Prices And Calories

Breakfast Whenever

The breakfast, whenever offers affordable prices with delicious items in the meal The prices start at $3.95 to $13.19. Besides this, they offer the whole breakfast menu until the restaurants close. 

The overall menu includes cheese tacos, a variety of burritos, chilaquiles, and other items. When it comes to calorie calculation, they are serving the right and healthy combinations of ingredients.

Item’s Name Price Calories 
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$7.91 1050 Cal 
Bacon, Potatoes, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$8.151230 Cal
Chorizo, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$7.91990 Cal 
Potatoes, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$7.91950 Cal 
Chorizo, Potatoes, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$8.151140 Cal 
Breakfast Taco Plate$13.19 1100 – 1480 Cal
Bacon, Potatoes, Egg, & Cheese Taco$4.31 490 Cal
Chorizo, Potatoes, Egg, & Cheese Taco$4.31440 Cal 
Shrimp, Egg, & Cheese Burrito$8.39980 Cal 
Migas$13.191160 Cal 
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Taco$3.95440 Cal 
Egg & Cheese Burrito$7.19800 Cal 
Chorizo, Egg, & Cheese Taco$3.95 390 Cal
Potatoes, Egg, & Cheese Taco$3.95350 Cal 
Shrimp, Egg, & Cheese Taco$4.31390 Cal 
Egg & Cheese Taco$3.59300 Cal 
Huevos Rancheros$13.19 1040 cal
Chilaquiles$13.19 1160 – 1210 cal
Brisket, Egg, and Cheese Taco$4.31370 cal 
Breakfast Whenever

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Breakfast Nutritional Value And Calories

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop breakfast offers the right amount of calories in their meals. You can take your complete breakfast from 350 to 1480 calories from their breakfast menu. Along with the menu and prices, I have shared the complete details about calories for each item. 

That’s why, using their breakfast offers, you can stay updated on the calories you are consuming and manage your diet accordingly.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Comparison With Other Restaurants

There is no doubt that the breakfast prices at the taco restaurants are affordable and low compared to other restaurants. You can easily get your breakfast meal in the $3 to $15 price range. 

However, most of the restaurants start their breakfast prices at $10. That’s why it can be a good option for you with the availability of low-calorie foods. Aside from the prices, they are offering a hygienic, clean environment and high customer service to their buyers.

How Do I Order Breakfast From Fuzzy’s Taco Shop?

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is widely known for its breakfast service. However, ordering food from tacos is also easier. You can easily order it through their application and use their delivery partner’s services. For this purpose, you have to follow as follows:

Through Application

  • Through the application, you can also place breakfast orders. First of all, download and install the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop application on your phone.
  • Afterward, search for the food items and add it to the cart.
  • Enter your nearest location and address.
  • Check out the bill payment and confirm your order.
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop delivery Through Application

Through Doordash 

You can also choose the door dash for placing your order. For this purpose, you can use their website or download their application as well.

  • First of all, choose the nearest location where you want your order.
  • Aftereffects searches finds, and adds the breakfast items that you want to order.
  • Check for bill payments and confirm your order.
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop delivery Through Doordash 

Delivery Time

It takes time, depending on the location and the restaurants. However, you will get your order within one hour. Mostly, they will deliver their breakfast order within 30 to 50 minutes.


*Note: I am sharing Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Breakfast Menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Low-Calorie Breakfast Items At Fuzzy’s Tacos Restaurants?

The egg and cheese taco contains 300 calories on the breakfast menu.

Q. What Is The Cheapest Breakfast Item At Fuzzy’s Tacos?

On the breakfast main menu, you can order the cheese and egg taco, which will cost $3.59.

Q. Does Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Offer Breakfast All Day?

The breakfast menu is ready to order after 10:00 a.m. Afterwards, you can order your breakfast items anytime before 10:40 p.m.

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