Apple Barn Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Apple Barn Breakfast Menu

The apple barn is the complex of the organized home for the combination of two popular restaurants that are Applewood farmhouse & Applewood Grill restaurants. It is located on Apple Valley Rd, Sevierville, Tennessee, USA. 

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Both of the restaurants serve various options that are prepared freshly. You can find all of the Apple Barn Breakfast Menu in the Applewood grill and farmhouse. Hereby, these are serving the Farmyard special menu, Omelete, cabin Packs, and specially designed kids’ breakfast menu. They are highly known for their exceptional taste and flavors. 

Apple Barn Breakfast Menu With Prices

Apple Barn Breakfast Menu With Prices

Farmhouse Special Breakfast

Item’s NamePrice 
Two Egg Special$11.99
Three Applewood Smoked Bacon Strips$13.99
Two Country Sausage Patties$13.99
Two Turkey Sausage Patties$13.99
Smokehouse Sampler Sugar Ham, Bacon and Sausage$14.99
Sugar Curd Ham $13.99
Country Fried Chicken$14.99
Country Fried Steak With Gravy$14.99
Country Ham With Red Eye Gravy$14.99

Farmyard Specials

Item’s NamePrice
Smokey Mountain Biscuit Benedict$14.99
Farmhouse Biscuits & Gravy $12.49
Cheesy Egg And Ham Skillet$13.99
Country Boy Breakfast Skillet$14.99

Hearty Farmhouse Specials

Item’s NamePrice
Wild Blueberry Pancakes$14.99
Pa’s Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes$14.49
Fresh Strawberry Pancakes$14.99
Southern Blackberry Supreme Pancakes$14.99
Big Mama’s Fritter Cakes $15.99
Cinnamon Roll French Toast$15.99

Country Omelets

Item’s NamePrice
Ham & Cheese Omelet$13.99
Chico’s Southwestern Omelet $14.49
Pappy’s Farmyard omelet$14.49

Breakfast Cabin Packs

Item’s NamePrice
FarmHouse sampler $59.99
Biscuit Bundle$59.99

Family Cabin Packs

Item’s Name Price
Fried Chicken Cabin Pack$69.99
Meatloaf Cabin Pack$69.99
Chicken & dumplings Cabin Pack$69.99
Sugar Cured Ham Cabin Pack $69.99

Kids Breakfast

Item’s NamePrice 
Kid’s Silver Dollar Pancakes$11.24
Kid’s Farmhouse Biscuits & Gravy$11.24
Kids Rainbow Sprinkled Pancakes$11.24
Kid’s Farmhouse Eggs$11.24


Item’s NamePrice
Apple Julep$3.79
Sweet Tea$3.79
Dr. Pepper$3.79
Diet Pepsi$3.79
Mountain Dew$3.79
Diet Mountain Dew$3.79
Fiji Water$3.79

Apple Barn Breakfast Hours 

Both of the restaurants of Applewood Grill and Farmhouse are actively serving their breakfasts between 8:00 am to 11:00 am daily. You can place your order any time between these hours. 

Does Apple Barn Offer Breakfast After Breakfast Hours?

They are offering breakfast for a specific period. Some of the items are available to order even after breakfast hours. You can purchase any item from the Apple Barn cider milk and general store. 

How To Order Breakfast From Apple Barn?

You can order the Apple Barn breakfasts directly by following one of these methods; 

  • For ordering your breakfast items online you can directly open the Apple barn cider mill website and find your favorite breakfast items to place your order. 
  • The breakfast items of the Applewood farmhouse are available to order on the DoorDash. You can place your order directly through the DoorDash website or application to get the Apple Barn breakfast menu. 

Does Apple Barn Offer Customizable Breakfast?

Yes, you can order the customizable breakfast options at the Applewood Grill and Farmhouse restaurant. Hereby, you can choose to order your breakfast with your choice of fillings, quantities, and toppings. 

Cheapest And Expensive Breakfast Items At Apple Barn

The Apple Barn is offering the cheapest and most expensive breakfast items that are as follows;

Cheapest Breakfast Items At Apple Barn

The cheapest breakfast item at Apple Barn is available at $3.79. All of its drinks are available at this price. Besides drinks the cheapest breakfast item there is $11.24 which you can order at the kid’s Breakfast options. 

Expensive Breakfast Items At Apple Barn

At the Apple Barn, the most expensive breakfast items cost about $69.99. The items you can order are as follows;

  1. Fried Chicken Cabin Pack
  2. Sugar Cured Ham Cabin Pack 
  3. Chicken & dumplings Cabin Pack
  4. Meatloaf Cabin Pack

Aside from the cabin Packs, the single complete breakfast meal offers the farmhouse special breakfast options that you can choose to order. 

Is Apple Barn Breakfast Healthy?

You can find healthy breakfast options at the Apple Barn. They are offering healthy kid’s breakfast options where you can get the right combinations of Calories in the items. There you can find healthy omelets, skillets, Benedicts, and Patties. 


All of the prices shared here are according to the 2024 price updates. The prices here are according to the official website of the Apple Barn cider mill and its official delivery partner DoorDash. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Apple Barn Offers All Time Breakfast?

Both the Applewood grill and farmhouse which are together known as the apple barn are offering limited-time breakfasts in the Sevierville. That’s why, its main breakfast menu is ready to place orders between 8:00 am to 11:00 am. 

Q. Who Owns The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant?

Stokely Hospitality Enterprises owns the Applewood farmhouse and grill that is together known as the Apple Barn. 

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