Rosie’s Coffee Cafe Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Rosie's Coffee Cafe Breakfast Menu

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe has three locations in the United States. One of its restaurants is present  in Carrollton and two in Atlanta. Besides this, the construction of the 4th cafe in Atlanta is also underway. They are famous for their coffee and breakfasts. They prepare all their meals using fresh ingredients with exceptional flavor fillings. 

Rosie's Coffee Cafe Breakfast Menu

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe Breakfast Menu offers you more comprehensive breakfast options at their restaurants. You can get healthy morning meals, including breakfast platters, bowls, A LA Carte, Waffles, Grits, toast, stackers, oatmeal, wings and other tasty breakfast meals. Moreover, you can also get the kid’s breakfast options here.

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe Breakfast Menu With Prices

Rosie Coffee Cafe Breakfast Menu With Prices

Most Ordered

Items NamePrice
Breakfast Bowl$16.79
Rosie’s Breakfast Platter$19.19
Chicken & Waffles$19.19
Rosie’s Am. Stacker$9.59
Homestyle Potatoes$5.99
French Toast or Pancake Platter$20.39
Mama’s Shrimp & Grits$20.39
Whole Wings$8.75
Salmon Croquette$7.79


Item’s NamePrice
Chicken & Waffles$19.19
Specialty Pancake Platter$21.59
Rosie’s Am. Stacker$9.59
Breakfast Bowl$16.79
French Toast or Pancake Platter$20.39
Rosie’s Breakfast Platter$19.19
Fish & Grits$20.39
Specialty Chicken and Waffles$21.59
Mama’s Shrimp & Grits$20.39
Breakfast Burrito$14.39
Corned Beef Hash$16.79

Rosie’s Breakfast Platter

Item’s NamePrice
Rosie’s Breakfast Platter$19.19
Junior Breakfast Platter$8.99

A La Carte

Items NamePrice
Homestyle Potatoes$5.99
Salmon Croquette$7.79
French Toast$7.19
Whole Wings$8.75
Fish Fillet$11.99
2 Eggs Scrambled$5.39
Texas Toast$4.79
2 Eggs Fried$5.39
2 Egg Whites Scrambled$5.99

Kids Menu

Item’s NamePrice
Silver Dollar Pancake Platter$8.40
Junior Breakfast Platter$8.40
Kids Waffle$3.60
Kids Waffle Stacker$4.80
Rosie’s Strips w/fries$6.00
Silver Dollar Pancakes$3.60


Item’s NamePrice
Sweet Tea$3.60


Item’s NamePrice
Chai Tea Latte$4.74
Frappe (Medium)$5.94
Cafe Mocha$4.38
Medium Coffee$4.00
Cappuccino (Medium)$5.10
Hot Chocolate$3.90
Iced Chai (Medium)$5.40
Cafe Latte (Medium)$4.80
Hot Tea (Medium)$4.80
Iced Mocha (Medium)$5.10

Breakfast Hours Of Rosie Coffee Cafe 

Rosie’s Breakfast Cafe offers daily breakfast between 7:00 am and 11:10 am. You can order your breakfast anytime between these hours from DoorDash or Director through the website. 

Does Rosie’s Cafe Offer Breakfast After Breakfast Hours?

You can find the Rosie’s Cafe breakfast after passing the breakfast hours to 4:35 pm. You can order breakfast at any time. 

How To Order Breakfast From Rosie’s Coffee Cafe?

You can order breakfast from the Rosie Coffee Cafe easily by following one of these methods;

  • First, order it directly from Rosie’s Cafe’s official website. Through the location option, you can choose your delivery location and then place your order here. 
  • Secondly, you can easily order it through its official delivery partner, DoorDash. You can find and place your breakfast Orders directly using the doordash website or application. 

Does Rosie’s Breakfast Cafe offer customized Breakfasts?

Yes, you can find the customized breakfast at Rosie’s Breakfast Cafe. You can order your choice of fillings, quantities of meat, cheese and eggs with additional charges. That means you can order all of your breakfasts with the customization options. You can also get the kids customized breakfast here. 

Cheapest And Expensive Breakfast Items At Rosie’s Breakfast Cafe

At Rosie’s Coffee Cafe, you can find affordable breakfast options. The cheapest and most expensive breakfast Items are at Rosie’s Breakfast Cafe.

Cheapest Breakfast Items At Rosie’s Cafe

Regarding the cheapest breakfast items, you can find tasty biscuits at Rosie’s Cafe. These biscuits cost you $2.99. 

Expensive Breakfast Items At Rosie’s Cafe

The expensive breakfast option for the breakfast is Specialty Pancake Platter. These cost $21.59. 

Is Rosie’s Breakfast Healthy?

You can find the healthy breakfast options at the Rosie’s Coffee Cafe. They offer customizable low-calorie meals that allow you to select ingredients, quantities, and fillings. You can also find healthy breakfast options that are specially prepared for kids. 


The above price rates are shared according to 2024 price rates. All of the shared prices are according to DoorDash concerning the Atlanta location. All its other locations also follow the same price list with slight changes. 


Frequently asked questions

Q. Who Owns Rosie’s Cafe Atlanta?

Ericka Platt is the owner of the Rosie’s Coffee Cafe. She is also opening its 4th location soon in Atlanta. 

Q. Does Rosie’s All American Cafe Have Indoor Seating?

It’s not just a cafe; Rosie’s is a complete restaurant with plenty of seating. You can find indoor seating in Rosie’s cafe. 

Q. Can You Book Your Event At Rosie’s?

Yes, Rosie’s allows you to book your events there, too. Their cafe has a versatile space that provides excellent space for events and parties. 

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