Cosi Breakfast Menu With Price 2024

Cosi Breakfast Menu

There’s a Cosi breakfast menu that features high-quality, delicious breakfast items. The list includes sandwiches, eggs, and other affordable deals. All of its menu is prepared in a highly hygienic environment. For an early morning, it can be a good choice for the morning meal.

Cosi has 27+ restaurants in different locations in the US. They offer an online breakfast that includes a variety of delicious meals. It can be a good choice for your morning breakfast.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you enough energy to complete your whole day’s activities. Sometimes it’s difficult to do that due to a busy life schedule. For this purpose, you can choose the Cosi restaurant to find daily breakfast at affordable prices.

Cosi Breakfast Menu With Prices 

The prices are right following their delicious taste and high-quality ingredients. Hereby, I am sharing the latest prices for the Cosi breakfast items that are up to 90% accurate according to the latest updates on 2023 prices. These are taken from their official delivery partner, Doordash.

Breakfast – Online

They offer a whole new category that serves breakfast online. You can order any food during the opening hours of the restaurants. The main breakfast includes oatmeal, eggs, cheese, a bagel, and sandwiches. However, the calories range from 150 to 840. When it comes to prices, you can find the breakfast from $2.75 to $7.49.

Cosi Breakfast Menu With Prices 
Item’s NamePrice Calories 
Bagel $2.75 290 Cal 
Egg and cheese$6.24 600 Cal
Bacon egg and cheese $7.49 660 Cal
Oatmeal-cup$5.86 150 Cal 
Oatmeal -Bowl $6.48 280 Cal
Sausage Egg and cheese$7.49 730 Cal
Spinach Florentine$6.86 840 Cal
TBM breakfast sandwich$6.36 490 Cal 
Western breakfast sandwich$7.49 556 Cal 
Cosi Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Sandwiches & Melts – Online

You can order the sandwiches online for your breakfast. This can be a good breakfast choice. The calories range from 240 to 790. Depending on the healthy diet you are following, you can get the right amount of calories in a sandwich.

Sandwiches & Melts - Online
Item’s Name Price Calories 
Chicken TBM – Whole $14.99650 Cal 
Pesto chicken melt – Whole $14.36 610 Cal 
Buffalo bleu – whole $13.74 510 Cal
TBM – whole$12.49 697 Cal
Roasted turkey club – whole $14.99623 Cal 
Chicken Parm melt – whole$14.99 240 Cal 
Turkey & Brie – whole $14.36 480 Cal
Ham & swiss – whole$13.11790 Cal 
Tuna melt – whole$14.36 773 Cal
Cheese melt whole$11.86579 Cal 
Gyro sandwich – whole$16.24 590 Cal
Turkey light – whole $11.24 420 Cal
Sandwiches & Melts – Online

Cosi Breakfast Nutrition And Calories 

In terms of calories, they contain the right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in their ingredients. You can follow a healthy diet through breakfast. The breakfast items include calories that are under 1000. Moreover, it uses less saturated fat in the preparation of the meals. You can find the nutritious ingredients in the overall breakfast.

Comparison Of Cosi With Other Restaurants 

In comparison with other restaurants, their prices are more affordable, and you can completely get your breakfast starting at $2.75. Here, you can get breakfast that includes all the items, from eggs to sandwiches to roasted items. The overall breakfast price range is $2.75–$16.24. However, most of the restaurants start at $10. That’s why you can get your breakfast at a healthy price.

How To Order Breakfast From Cosi? Delivery Methods

You can order breakfast from the Cosi directly from the restaurant and through their delivery partners doordash.

Through Doordash

  • You can use the doordash either to open the website or using the app.
  • Hereby, you can search for the nearest real estate locations according to your area.
  • Afterwards, you can search and choose your breakfast.
  • Check your bill payment, add your authentic address, and confirm your order.
Cosi Delivery Through Doordash

Delivery Time 

The delivery time for the Cosi restaurants completely depends on the locations of the restaurants. However, you can also get your order at a specific time. You will get your breakfast and order food within 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the restaurant’s location.


*Note: I am sharing the Cosi breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of  Cosi in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When Does Cosi Breakfast Start? 

Most of the Cosi restaurants start their breaks at 7:00 a.m.

Q. What Is The Cheapest Breakfast Item At Cosi?

The bagel is available for $2.75 and is the cheapest break item at Cosi.

Q. What Is The Lowest-Calorie Breakfast Item At Cosi?

You can prefer to have the oatmeal cup if you are searching for low-calorie food. It has 150 calories overall.

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