Desi Breakfast Club Menu With Prices 2024

Desi Breakfast Club Menu

Desi breakfast club is a Centerville Rd Herndon, Virginia, United States restaurant. They are known for serving the Southeast Continent food items. In food items, they are highly famous for their breads and halal sandwiches. They are also offering catering for the events. 

Desi Breakfast Club Menu

Desi Breakfast Club Menu is according to the Pakistani and Indian style breakfast. They are offering Desi foods as many immigrants in America crave their Desi-style food. Many Americans also love to enjoy their food. You can explore the Desi Nashta and unique styles of halal foods at the Desi Breakfast Club. 

Desi Breakfast Club Menu With Prices 

The updated prices of breakfast for the Desi Breakfast Club according to 2024 are as follows for the breakfast categories; 

Desi Breakfast Club Menu With Prices

Brunch entrees

Items NamePrice
Halwah Puri (For vegetarian) $11.99
Halwah Puri (Regular)$11.99
Nehari $12.99
Goat Paya $13.99
Haleem $11.99
Mutter Dum Chicken Keema $11.99
Chicken Biryani$17.99
Curry Pakora $11.99

International Favorite’s

Items NamePrice
Paratha and two eggs $9.99
Vegetable Omelette$9.99
Chicken Omelette$12.99
French Toast$7.99
Buttermilk pancakes$7.99
Plain Omelette$8.99
Club oatmeal bowl $7.99
Egg Paratha Crepe $8.99

Chaat Corner

Item’s NamePrice
Samosa Chaat$9.99
Dahi Bhalla $9.99
Choori $7.99

Choice Of Breads

Items NamePrices
Puri (two) $3.99
Lacha Paratha$4.99
Aloo Paratha$5.30
Chicken Keema Paratha $6.99
Naan $1.99

Paratha Wraps

Item’s NamePrice
Chapli chicken Kabab wrap $11.99
Chicken Shami kabab wrap$11.99
Lahori fried fish wrap $11.99

Club Sides 

Item’s NamePrice
Fresh Yogurt$3.99
Club Achar $1.00
Two Eggs$4.50
Rice $3.50
French Fries$2.99
Channa $3.99
Halwah $4.99

Sandwich Rolls

Item’s NamePrice
Chapli Chicken Kabob$9.99
Chicken Shami Kabob$9.99
Lahori Fried Fish$11.99

Club Drink’s

Item’s NamePrice
Mango Lassi $3.99
Sweet Lassi$3.99
Pakistani Chai $2.99
Bottle water$2.00
Hot water and a tea bag$2.99


Items NamePrice
Gajar Halwa$6.99
Kheer $4.99

Breakfast Hours Of Desi Breakfast Club

They are not offering their breakfast menu for limited hours. Desi Breakfast Club offers breakfasts all day. They are closed on Monday. That’s why you can’t order the breakfast meals on Monday. However, you can find the breakfast menu throughout the day. 

Is Desi Breakfast Club Serving Halal Breakfast?

As an immigrant, if you search for halal foods in the USA, you are in the right place. People who want to enjoy halal breakfast items in the US can prefer the Desi Breakfast Club. Desi Breakfast Club restaurant is specially designed to serve all their meals made from halal ingredients. 

Is Desi Breakfast Club Breakfast Healthy? 

Compared to the nutrition level and health perspective, Desi foods are healthier. Desi Breakfast Club offers meals and foods that combine healthy calories. 

The best thing is that it offers breakfast prepared freshly in their kitchen. The perfect combination of vegetables, meat, and ingredients is the best health addition with tasty flavors. 

Cheapest & Expensive Breakfast Items At Desi Breakfast Club

Cheapest Breakfast Items:

Desi Breakfast Club offers affordable meals that start at the price of 1.00 for the Club Achar. Aside from this, you can order their Naan, Puri, Pakistani Chai, and other items that are under $3.00. 

Expensive Breakfast Items:

Regarding the expensive breakfast item at Desi Breakfast Club, you can order their chicken Biryani at $17.99. 

How To Order Breakfast From  Desi Breakfast Club?

  • You can visit and enjoy their breakfasts at the restaurant. 
  • Besides this, if you want to order your breakfasts, you can also order them online. For ordering, you can visit the official website of Desi Breakfast Club. Afterward, choose your breakfast items, enter your location, and confirm your order. 
  • They are also delivering food through DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEATS. 
  • If you are searching for a Desi food catering for your events, you can also choose the Desi breakfast club. They are also offering catering in Northern Virginia and the DMV area.


All of the above-shared breakfast menus and prices are taken from the official website of Desi Breakfast Club according to their updated price rates for 2024. The prices are according to the Virginia USA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you order breakfast from Desi Breakfast Club on Monday?

No, they offer breakfast all day except Monday. Due to the restaurant closing on Monday, their online orders are also closed. 

Q. Can You Order Desi Breakfast Club After Breakfast Hours?

Desi Breakfast Club is not restricted to their breakfast hours. So you can order breakfast anytime from Desi Breakfast Club. However, on Mondays, their breakfast hours are closed.

Q. Does the Desi Breakfast Club Offer Sandwiches?

Instead of simple sandwiches, Desi Breakfast Club offers special-style Desi sandwich rolls. Chapli Chicken Kabob, Chicken Shami Kabob, and Lahori fried fish are in the sandwich rolls category. 

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