Waffle House Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Waffle House Breakfast Menu

According to 2024 reports, Waffle House operates 1,986 restaurants across the United States. Waffle House restaurants are located in 25 states and territories and cover 919 cities in the U.S.A. Most of its locations are in Georgia, with 439 restaurants overall. 

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These are known for the traditional and hearty breakfast offers. You can choose your breakfast between different available items. The best thing is you can order it 24 hours a day. Waffle House Breakfast Menu offers affordable breakfast items in the U.S.A. 

Waffle House Breakfast Menu With Prices 

Waffle House Breakfast Menu With Prices

Most Ordered

Item’s NamePrice
Texas Bacon Egg and Cheese Melt$6.70
Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.90
Double Angus Cheeseburger 1/2 Lb$5.15
Texas Bacon Lover’s B.L.T.$4.60
Grilled Chicken$7.35
Ham and Cheese$3.85
Garden Salad$5.75

Breakfast Sandwiches

Item’s NamePrice
Texas Bacon Egg and Cheese Melt$6.70
Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich$3.90

Sandwiches And Wraps

Item’s NamePrice
Texas Bacon Lover’s B.L.T.$4.60
Ham and Cheese$3.85

100% Angus Burgers

Item’s NamePrice
Double Angus Cheeseburger 1/2 Lb$5.15
Original Angus Hamburger$1.45


Item’s NamePrice
Two egg breakfast $7.00
Breakfast hashbrown bowl $11.85
Breakfast grits Bowl$11.85
Two egg breakfast with side meat$11.60
Steak and eggs $13.85
Texas breakfast Melt with hashbrowns $11.30
Cheese n’ Eggs with Raisin Toast $8.00
Hash browns$3.95
Classic Waffles $5.45
Waffle with a side of meat $10.05
Chicken biscuit $7.00

Signature Hash Brown Bowls 

Item’s NamePrice
Cheesesteak Melt Hash Brown Bowl $11.85
Chicken Melt Hash Brown Bowl $11.85
Sausage Egg & Cheese Hashbrown Bowl$11.85
Bacon Egg and Cheese Hashbrown Bowl$11.85
Sausage Egg & Cheese Grits Bowl$11.85
Ham Egg and Cheese Hashbrown Bowl$11.85
Bacon Egg & Cheese Grits Bowl$11.85
Ham Egg & Cheese Grits Bowl$11.85
Build Your Own Hashbrown Bowl $11.85

Texas Melts 

Item’s NamePrice
Texas Cheesesteak Melt $7.50
Texas Patty Melt$7.50
Texas Chicken Melt$7.50
Texas sausage Melt$7.50


Item’s NamePrice
Classic Waffle $5.45
Pecan Waffle $5.95
Chocolate chip Waffle$5.95
Peanut butter chip waffle$5.95


Item’s NamePrice
Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit$3.95
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit$3.95
Sausage Biscuit $3.95
Bacon Biscuit$3.95
Grilled Biscuit$3.15
2 City Ham Biscuits$7.75
2 Country Ham Biscuits$10.05


Items NamePrice
Large Coffee$3.15
Large Coca-Cola®$3.15
Large Diet Coke®$3.15
Large Sprite®$3.15
Large Barq’s® Root Beer$3.15
Large Pibb Xtra®$3.15
Large HI-C® Fruit Punch$3.15
ALICE’S ICED TEA™ – Sweet$3.15
Large MILK$3.15
Simply® Orange$3.70
Simply® Lemonade$3.70

Breakfast Hours Of Waffle House 

You can order Waffle House breakfast 24 hours a day. All of their items can be ordered at any time of the day. 

How To Order Breakfast From Waffle House?

You can easily order your breakfast by using the following methods as follows;

  • First, you can order your breakfast meals through Doordash. First, select your location, and then the menu will appear on your screen. Choose your breakfast items so that you can receive your order easily. 
  • Secondly, you can choose to order your breakfast using DoorDash. You can use the DoorDash application or the website to place your order. 

Can I Order Customized Breakfast At Waffle House? 

By ordering through the Waffle House, you can customize most of the breakfast items. You can get sandwiches and other foods with your own choice of toppings, sausages, and other ingredients. You can also customize the vegetables. 

Cheapest And Expensive Breakfast Items Of Waffle House 

You can order breakfast items from $1.45 to $14.00. The cheapest and the most expensive breakfast items at Waffle House are as follows;

Cheapest Breakfast Items At Waffle 

The cheapest breakfast item you can order from Waffle House is Original Angus Hamburger. It costs $1.45. 

Expensive Breakfast Items At Waffle 

The expensive breakfast item at Waffle House is Steak and eggs, which cost $13.85. 

Is Waffle House Breakfast Healthy?

Regarding healthy items, their salads are the most nutritious, although other menu items contain high calories. If you want to eat a healthy breakfast, choose items that are low in calories. You can even find breakfast items under 100 Calories as well. 



The Waffle House breakfast menu and prices we shared above are according to 2024 price lists and taken from its official delivery partner, DoorDash, and its official website. The above-shared prices are according to thye Atlanta, Georgia, of United States. Other states in the United States follow the same price structure with slight variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Waffle House Make Omelets?

You can find the Ham & Cheese Omelet at Waffle House for breakfast. 

Q. Does Waffle House Use Real Eggs?

Waffle House prepares food using fresh eggs from farms. They use fresh eggs in scrambled forms so that you can get healthy breakfast items. 

Q. What Is In A Waffle House Grits Bowl?

The Waffle House Grits Bowl contains melted American cheese, crumbled breakfast meat, scrambled eggs, and a large bowl of grits. 

Q. Can You Get Egg Whites At Waffle House?

At Waffle House, you can choose to order egg whites instead of whole eggs. If you don’t want to eat the yolk, you can customize your egg whites. You can also customize the vegetables in them. 

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