Corner Bakery Cafe Breakfast Menu With Price 2024

Corner Bakery Cafe Breakfast Menu

Corner Bakery Cafe Breakfast Menu offers a wide range of breakfast items that are delicious and hygienic. You can also find bakery items such as muffins, bagels, sandwiches, and other breakfast categories. Besides this, they also offer egg bowls, scrambles, breakfast wraps, etc. You can select any food item with the right calories in it. Moreover, its breakfast menu is affordable.

The Corner Bakery Cafe in the USA is known for its special signature sandwiches. Besides this, they are famous for preparing salads, breakfasts, and bakery items. They use fresh ingredients in preparing these breakfasts.

Corner Bakery Cafe Breakfast Menu

When you are in a hurry to go to the office, you might get late due to the self-preparation of breakfast. Most people disturb their breakfast routines due to their working schedules. However, you should not risk your health. For a healthy breakfast, you can consider corner bakery coffee that has the right and healthy ingredients in it.

Corner Bakery Cafe Breakfast Menu Prices 

The prices for the breakfast items vary accordingly. I am sharing the latest 2023 prices that are taken from the doordash. That is its official delivery partner. The prices are exactly according to the ingredients and items.

Breakfast Bakery

The breakfast bakery items make it highly preferable. At this moment you can find croissants, a range of muffins, and bagels. The breakfast price range for this category is $3.54 to $41.26. These are sweet in taste with the right calorie combination.

Corner Bakery Cafe Breakfast Menu Prices 
Items NamePriceCalories 
Blueberry Muffins$4.81520 Cal
Cinnamon crumb muffin$4.81 650 Cal 
Chocolate muffin$4.81 520 Cal 
1/2 dozen muffins $21.32 3360-3660 Cal 
Dozen Muffins $41.26 6720-7320 Cal
Chocolate croissant$6.08290 Cal 
Cinnamon raisin bagel $3.54 330 Cal 
Plain bagel $3.54 280 Cal 
Everything bagel$3.54 320 Cal 
Sesame bagel $3.54 340 Cal 
Morning rush $7.99 410-650 Cal 
Breakfast Bakery

Morning Favorites

The morning favorite category includes all the breakfast items that are popular and famous among their customers. It has the buttermilk options and the egg bowl varieties with the scramblers. The prices range from $13 to $15.

Items NamePrice Calories 
Anaheim scrambler$14.97440 Cal
All American scrambler$13.70 400 Cal 
Buttermilk pancakes $14.34630-1010 Cal 
Bacon avocado egg bowl -New! $13.70 680 Cal 
Power breakfast egg bowl new! $14.34 632 Cal 
Morning Favorites

Breakfast Sandwiches 

It offers delicious sandwiches for breakfast with a variety of ingredients in it. You can order eggs, cheddar wraps, and sandwiches. Moreover, they also offer spinach in their sandwiches to make them more delicious. In terms of calories, it has 500 to 860 calories in its range.

Item’s Name Price Calories 
BBLT & egg sandwich$13.70 860 Cal 
Bacon and cheddar panini$11.42 660 Cal 
Anaheim panini $11.16 630 Cal 
Avocado and spinach breakfast wrap (V)$9.89 340 Cal 
Sausage, egg and cheddar Breakfast wrap $11.42 540 Cal 
Bacon, egg and cheddar breakfast wrap $11.42 500 Cal 
Breakfast Sandwiches 

Breakfast Sides

You can also purchase the eggs and bacon separately. They have calories that are under 200 per piece. Moreover, its price ranges from $5 to $6.

Side of bacon$5.45 160 Cal 
Side of eggs $5.70 Varies 200+ Cal 
Breakfast Sides

Signatures Sandwiches

In Corner Bakery Coffee, you can find a special variety of sandwiches in the name of signature sandwiches. These sandwiches are the specialty of the bakery coffee and are uniquely prepared. It has potato pesto, tuna salad, Mozzarella with ham, and Swiss cheese, depending on the type of sandwich. The calories range from 610 to 770.

Signatures Sandwiches
Items NamePrice Calories 
Chicken Pesto$16.24750 Cal
Uptown turkey Avocado$15.61 720 Cal 
BBLT $14.97 560 Cal 
Albacore tuna salad $13.07 610 Cal 
Carved ham & swiss$15.61 770 Cal 
Tomato mozzarella$14.34 690 Cal 
Signatures Sandwiches

Popular Items For Breakfast

The popular breakfast items are really good for eating; they are delicious and most popular during breakfast hours. The prices range from $7.49 to $14.74.

Kids Breakfast$7.49 330 – 870 Cal
Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait$8.11370 Cal 
Choose Two$14.74500 – 1690 Cal
Kids Pasta$7.49285 – 1110 Cal
Kids Combo$7.49290 – 1320 Cal
Berry & Almond Overnight Oats$10.99490 – 620 Cal
Kids Sandwich$7.49380 – 1570 Cal
Buttermilk Pancakes$10.61630 – 1010 Cal
Apple & Banana Overnight Oats$8.49360 – 490 Cal
Popular Items For Breakfast

Corner Bakery Cafe Nutrition And Calories 

In the nutritional analysis of the breakfast from Corner Bakery Cafe, the calorie range differs according to the items. They are including the right proportion of ingredients to prepare these meals. From a health perspective, it has various nutrients in it like calcium, vitamins, iron, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. If you are looking for low-calorie breakfast items, you can also find low-calorie products here.

 Corner Bakery Cafe Comparison With Other Restaurants 

In comparison with other restaurants, bakery items are highly affordable. The price of the different varieties of muffins is affordable. Besides this, you can eat their sandwiches within the $7 to $12 price range. However, the special sandwiches are a little bit expensive.

How To Order Breakfast From Corner Bakery Cafe? Delivery Methods

Corner Bakery Cafe offers breakfast for the whole day. You can get your hands on it anytime. However, you can order it directly through the restaurant or through their delivery partners.

Through App

  • First of all, you have to install the Corner Bakery Cafe application from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Sign up or log in to your account.
  • Afterward, choose the location for your delivery.
  • Search and add your breakfast items from the app.
  • Check for the bill payment and other details.
  • Confirm your order and wait for delivery.
Bakery Cafe Delivery Through App

Through Doordash 

  • Ordering through the doordash is highly convenient. For this purpose, you need to open the door-dash website. You can also use its application. 
  • Afterward, search for the nearest restaurant locations. 
  • You can choose to add the breakfast items. 
  • Enter the receiving address and confirm your order. 
  • Additionally, you can also pay your bill here online.
Bakery Cafe Delivery Through Doordash 

Delivery Time

The delivery time for the placed breakfast orders depends on the distance. Most likely, you will receive your order within 30 to 40 minutes.


*Note: I am sharing Corner Bakery Cafe’s breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of  Corner Bakery Cafe in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is It OK to Eat A Chocolate Muffin For Breakfast?

Yes, you can get the low-sugar and fiber muffins at Corner Bakery Cafe. That means you can go according to the low sugar contents that can keep your blood sugar level accordingly. Besides this, from a safety perspective, you can also check the sugar content of the selected muffin.

Q. Can I Order Breakfast Anytime From Corner Bakery Cafe?

Most of the restaurants offer all-day service for their breakfast. However, you can order it any time before the closing time of the restaurants. Generally, you can order it from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q. Does Corner Bakery Cafe Have Sandwiches For Breakfast?

Yes, you can find a variety of sandwiches here. They are affordable. Moreover, you can also get specialized signature sandwiches that are delicious.

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