Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants

Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Breakfast Menu offers the main breakfast options, which include burritos, omelets, cakes, toast, breakfast sides, and sandwiches. The best thing is that you can order breakfast anytime before the restaurant closes.

Frisch’s Big Boy operates a total of 105 restaurants in the United States. They are known for their drive-in service and highly delicious hamburgers. Overall, they are using the highly delicious breakfast menu that is served all day before the restaurant closes.

Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants

When you are going to your office in a hurry, sometimes you might skip breakfast. However, it will disturb your health over time. To keep your routine healthy, you must prefer to have breakfast regularly. You can also consider Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants for breakfast.

Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Breakfast Menu With Prices

The breakfast menu includes a high range of breakfast options overall. The prices are also affordable, giving the right proportion of nutrients.

All of the breakfast prices are taken from the doordash which is their official delivery partner, according to 2023 prices.

Breakfast Main Menu

On the main breakfast menu, you can find a completely delicious menu table. They are freshly prepared and served. The main menu offers you burritos, pancakes, gravy, meats, eggs, omelets, and other sausage options for breakfast als. The price for their main breakfast menu starts from $7:00 to $13.25.

Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants Breakfast Menu With Prices
Item’s Name Price 
Big Boy’s Big Breakfast$13.25
Two Eggs & Meat $12.00
Biscuits & Gravy$7.00
Three Pancake Stack$10.75 
Bacon & Sausage Burrito$7.00
Western Omelet$13.25
French Toast & Meat Breakfast$10.75 
Bacon Burrito$7.00 
Ham & Cheese Omelet$12.00
Sausage Burrito$7.00
Breakfast Boy$8.75 
Two Pancake Stack$11.25 
Steak Omelet$13.75 
Breakfast Main Menu

Breakfast Sides

Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants offers a variety of breakfast options to choose from. They are a healthy option for you to eat in the early morning. The price ranges from $3.25 to $5.75.

Breakfast Sides
Item’s Name Price
Pork Sausage Patties$5.75
Smoked Bacon$5.75 
Hash browns$4.50 
Crispy Spuds$4.50 
Frisch’s Texas Toast$3.75 
One Pancake$3.25 
Biscuits & Jelly$4.50 
Smoked Ham$5.75 
Turkey Sausage$5.75 
Breakfast Sides


The breakfast offers burgers as well. They are available in different flavors and ready to eat. 

Item’s Name Price 
Big Boy$7.50 
Super Big Boy$10.00
1/4 Lb Cheeseburger$7.25 
BLT Cheeseburger$8.25 
Swiss Miss$7.50 
Breakfast Boy$8.75 
Brawny Lad$7.50 


Sandwiches are the classical option for breakfast, which is highly preferable for some people. The sandwiches are low in calories and prepared hygienically. Hereby, you can find different types of sandwiches, like turkey club, grilled cheese, club melt, and other types of sandwiches as well. You can order sandwiches for your breakfast for $7.00 to $15.00.

Item’s NamePrice 
Grilled Cheese$7.00
Patty Melt$9.50 
Buddie Boy$7.50 
Turkey Club$9.50 
Steak & Cheese$11.25 
Club Melt$10.75 
Original Pork Sandwich$7.50 

Popular Items

All-time popular items of the restaurant’s areas follows:

Item’s Name Price 
Big Boy Combo$13.10 
Hot Fudge Cake$6.25 
Crinkle Cut Fries$3.75 
Big Boy$7.50 
Super Big Boy Combo$15.60 
Chili w/Beans$5.00
Hand-Breaded Onion Rings$5.00 
Coke $3.75 
Vegetable Soup$3.75
Two Eggs & Meat $12.00
Popular Items

Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Nutrition And Calories Analysis 

They offer the right composition of nutrients and calories overall that can blend to give an exciting taste. Their breakfast offers highly refer to the right calorie amounts in their recipes to make them more healthy. Besides this, the overall hygienic preparations also make it more healthy and energetic overall. However, they are using a low amount of saturated fat in all of the recipes overall.

Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Comparison With Other Restaurants

In comparison with other restaurants, they are offering affordable prices for most of the breakfast items. You can easily eat your breakfast starting at $3.25. The composition of the ingredients is hygienic and comparatively more delicious. You can order breakfast anytime using their services. However, many other restaurants limit their breakfast hours.

How To Order Breakfast From Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants? Delivery Methods 

You can order breakfast easily anytime through the door dash and directly from the website or the application.

Through Application 

  • First of all, open the Google Store or Apple Store and search for Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant application.
  • Download and install the application on your phone.
  • Afterward, create an account in the app by completing the requirements of the data.
  • Search for the breakfast menu and add your favorite items to order.
  • Fill in the details of the address and payments.
  • Afterwards, confirm your order.
Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants Delivery Through Application

Through Doordash

Ordering through the door dash is easier. For this purpose, you have to use the Doordash website or app.

  • First of all, open the doordash and search for the nearest location on the website.
  • Hereby, you can find the breakfast hours and menu completely. From the list, you can select and order the breakfast items.
  • Afterwards, you have to enter the exact address after checking the total price of your order.
Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants Delivery Through Doordash

Delivery Time

The delivery time varies according to the distance from the restaurant to your address. Mainly, you can find your order within 30 to 50 minutes.


*Note: I am sharing Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Breakfast Menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants in the USA.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Cheapest Breakfast Item At Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants?

The cheapest breakfast item is the pancakes, which are $3.25. It can be a good breakfast option.

Q. Does Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Offer All-Day Breakfast?

Yes, they serve breakfast all day before the closing time of the restaurants in the locations.

Q. Does Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants Offer Sandwiches For Breakfast?

Yes, you can find the original pork sandwiches for your breakfast, which will cost you $7.50.

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