Bakers Square Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Bakers Square Breakfast Menu

The Bakers Square breakfast menu consists of the right dishes that are good nutritionally. However, the breakfast menu includes high-class categories like pitas, omelets, sandwiches, and pancakes. It also involves the right combination of classic breakfast deals and offers.

BBQ Holding owns the chains of the baker’s square. It is famous for its pies. It’s known because of the breakfast servings until the closing of the restaurants. They also started closing their California locations due to the lease expiration.

Bakers Square Breakfast Menu

Breakfasts greatly affect the health of a person. In the early morning, due to office and work pressure, most people don’t pay attention to it. Due to this, they often start to skip breakfast. You can use this Bakers Square breakfast as it is healthy and exceptionally delicious.

Bakers Square Breakfast Menu With Prices

It offers a high range of breakfast items that are of great quality. All of the prices that are shared here are according to the latest updated prices for 2023. The exact price data is taken from the door dash (delivery partners) and is up to 90% accurate.

Bakers Square Menu With Prices

Classic Breakfasts

It includes a menu that includes the top-selling items for breakfast. Additionally, its price ranges from $10.89 to $16.29. It gives you a clear selection according to your choices, with a home-made touch. The menu consists of items that are made from eggs, chicken, sausages, or other ingredients.

Menu PricesCalories 
Chicken-fried steak and eggs$16.29 1330 cal 
Avocado toast $14.49 290 cal 
Ultimate Meat Lovers breakfast $10.891090 cal 
Eggs Benedict$14.19 320 cal 
Rise & shine $12.09 870 – 1290 cal
2 house-made sausages patties & eggs (classical breakfast) $14.79680 cal 
Classical breakfast: 4 turkey sausage links & eggs$14.79620 cal 
Four strips of bacon’s and eggs $16.29 780 cal 
Four strips of bacon and eggs $14.79418 cal 
Classic Breakfasts

4-Square Breakfast

It offers a special feature for breakfast compared to other restaurants. Through this breakfast deal, you can order any of the four products that are different from one another. Overall, its cost is also affordable. However, the calories for this addition vary according to your item selection.

4-Square Breakfast
4-Square(Choose 4 different items for breakfast) $13.89Varies with selected item’s
4-Square Breakfast

Three-Egg Omelette

Most people love to eat and prefer the omelet over other meals. It’s the healthiest combo that can be a great energy fulfillment. Within this category, you’re going to find a choice of your style or type of omelet. That makes it more interesting and unique among other restaurants.

Items NamePrice Calories 
Smothered meat lovers’ omelet$14.19Dependable on selection
Bakers omelet*$15.99380 cal 
California Frittata$15.99480 cal 
Veggie omelet$15.99305 cal 
Smothered meat lovers omelet$14.19 355 cal 
Three-Egg Omelette

Sandwiches And Pitas

Sandwiches are an all-time usable item for breakfast. It includes the right combination of low-fat ingredients in its composition. The pita and honey combination is also a healthier option. Pitas taste great within this breakfast menu.

Items NamePrice Calories
Bakers club$14.49970 cal
Chicken stir-fry pita$15.091340 cal 
Bacon lovers BLT$14.19580 cal 
Marbled Rye Reuben $14.19 740 cal 
Fajita pita $15.09 770 cal 
Honey mustard club pita $15.09 660 cal 
Sandwiches And Pitas

Pumpkin Supreme Pancakes

All these items are made using real pumpkins. They include buttermilk to prepare these pancakes. You can either buy it individually or in combo form. It will work great as a sweet dish with few calories.

Items Name Price Calories 
Pumpkin supreme pancakes$6.09174 cal
Pumpkin supreme pancakes combo $13.29 840 cal 
Pumpkin Supreme Pancakes

Bakers Square Breakfast Nutrition And Calorie Analysis

Overall, the calories of the breakfast items vary according to the items. However, their calories range from 100 to 1000 for their breakfast meals. In the case of your own choice of items, it varies. Nutritionally, they are healthy because they use less saturated fats in their foods. However, half of the calories are due to the presence of fats in it.

Bakers Square Breakfast Prices In Comparison With Other Restaurants

When we compare the prices of its breakfast items with those of other restaurants, they are a little bit expensive. However, according to their menu, they use high-quality ingredients. When you have the choice to eat your type of four different items, Through the customization feature, you can get a high-quality meal.

How Do I Order Breakfast From Bakers Square? Delivery Methods 

The breakfast menu is their specialization. You can choose to order the food through its website or third-party delivery system.

Through website

You can easily use the website to order breakfast or other items from Bakers Square. First of all, you will see the order options on the website. Here, you need to select the food item. Afterward, you need to select the nearest location using the map. After entering the address, you can confirm the placement of the order.

Bakers Square Delivery Through website

Through Doordash 

Using Doordash is quite easy. You can choose to use its application or website for ordering breakfast. Doordash is a good choice as a third-party delivery system.

  1. First of all, choose the medium that you are comfortable with, which is a website or app.
  2. Search for the nearest location of the baker’s square.
  3. You will see the categories of food items.
  4. Afterwards, choose the breakfast items and add them.
  5. Enter your delivery address and confirm your order.
Bakers Square Delivery Through Doordash


*Note: I am sharing the Bakers Square breakfast menu with prices that are updated and accurate, collected using Doordash, which is the official delivery partner of Bakers Square in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Bakers Square Closed For Breakfast On Sundays?

The answer is no. In actuality, they follow the same schedule for the whole week. Simply put, you can choose to place any order between its closing hours.

Q. Do Bakers Square Have Sandwiches For Breakfast?

Yes, you can find the right breakfast sandwiches there. They use low-saturated fat with a variety of flavors on the sandwiches.

Q. Is A Baker’s Square Breakfast Healthy To Eat?

With the right combination of the right ingredients in the right composition, they aim to serve a healthy breakfast. However, you can find a breakfast that is according to the style of calories that you want to consume.

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